Why Sun Is Crucial In Your Life?

Sun is our life line and he keeps all living things on our planet alive.
Sun’s presence in this world is what binds us all. According to scientists if the sun doesn’t arise for 18 hours all living things in this planet will vanish.
Yogis all over the globe are aware of the power of Sun and that’s one of the reason they start their day with Sun salutation in their yoga practice which we in India call it Surya Namaskar.
Bowing to Sun with great respect makes better receptivity to life energy and to handle day to day responsibilities with ease and joyfulness.
Science has proved that winter time blues are one of the reasons for depressive state of mind.
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Rays of light from Sun vibrates with energy and will make you happier.
Certain Naturapath make their patients to take bath in the open air under the sun which has been proven to be effective remedies even for severe ailments.
Most of the people in the Indian Villages has been practicing this method of taking bath for thousands of years knowing the health benefits.
The Sun power through solar energy will help you to sweat which in turn will remove toxic from your body.
Once, toxic gets removed from your body it streamlines your blood flow and will make your skin glowing.
Cleansing of your blood also helps in lowering your blood pressure and Cholesterol.
Solar power improves the oxygen content in your blood for better health.
Sunlight of course contains ultraviolet wavelengths of light that on hitting the skin produce vitamin D.
There appears to be much more importance to sunlight exposure than just producing vitamin D.
Sleep cycles are closely linked to our sunlight exposure – people working night work with need to sleep when it is light and work when it is dark often have sleep problems.
Also there appears to be a connection between sunlight exposure and learning. Probably most of our body’s basic cycles relate to sunlight exposure.
Studies suggest that artificial light does not have the same positive effects as sunlight. And it seems that you don’t have to be in the sunlight to benefit from it.
Sitting in the shade but looking out on sunlit areas around you is all it takes.
Yogis are aware that everything in this planet is energy and the light from Sun produces energy, happiness and health towards better well being.
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