Why is Yoga Good for Digestion

Yoga is better solution for digestion. How?

When your guts is off the mark, it will zap your energy, kills your happiness and in turn doesn’t help you to be productive.

Yoga has helped millions of people to lead a healthy life especially related to digestive systems.

Let’s look into how yoga is the right answer to your digestive problem you are facing:

  • The digestive fire is stimulated. This increases the appetite and balances the metabolism.
  • Asanas/pose stretch the body, massaging the abdominal muscles. This causes food to move efficiently along the digestive tract.
  • Bowel movement is regulated and constipation is streamlined
  • Circulation of blood to the digestive organs increases, thus aiding digestion.
  • Yoga asanas/pose keep the mind active and happy. You are more likely to eat a balanced diet and this eases digestion.
  • Regular practice of yoga discourages fatty deposits.
  • The body is effectively detoxed. Toxins accumulated from a bad diet, unhealthy lifestyles and stress are flushed out.

Since, holiday season are round the corner and you will be indulging in some heavy eating binge,it’s better to keep your system in order so that you can have more energy and enjoy your holiday.

My gratitude to beautiful couple in Boho Beautiful YouTube channel to give solutions to this issue with right yoga asana/pose.

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