Is Yoga Good for Chronic Back Pain?

Can yoga cure all your chronic pain?

Yoga has played major role in my life for more than 15 years, recovering from various injuries faster from bike falls,trekking and other sports injuries.

Yoga poses which has been demonstrated is for beginners and can alienate your problems of back pain by giving flexibility to your muscles and strengthening it.

A detail demonstration has been provided below:

Yoga back pain benefits

Yoga helps increase strength in very specific muscles and muscle groups.

Back and abdominal muscles are essential components of the muscular network of the spine, helping the body maintain proper upright posture and movement.

When these muscles are well conditioned, back pain can be greatly reduced or avoided.

Yoga can provide several healing benefits for people with various types of back pain.

For example, yoga can help by:

  • Healing injured back muscles
  • Speeding time to recover from an injury
  • Preventing re-injury
  • Helping maintain a regular level of daily activities and avoid disability

Among other things, yoga helps ease lower back pain by gently stretching and strengthening the muscles of the lower back and legs and increasing blood circulation, which in turn brings healing nutrients to the injured tissues.

Yoga for back pain Baba Ramdev

Baba Ramadev is a well known yogi who has cured millions of people in India and other countries.

Though explained in one of the Indian language “Hindi” watching his demonstration few times and practicing it regularly can not only help strengthening your back muscles but other parts of the body too.

Yoga for back pain between shoulder blades

Shoulder work is a foundation for nearly all hatha yoga poses.

Upper back pain commonly stems from the tendency to slump in the spine and round the shoulders.

As they tire, these weakened fibrous muscles go into spasm, creating hot, persistent pains along the edges of the shoulder blades and the sides of the neck.

Do you suffer from pain in between your shoulder blades and tightness in your upper back, neck and shoulders?

Hours on the bike with your arms permanently extended in front of you, combined with working at a desk and life stress, creates the perfect storm for soreness in the upper back, neck and shoulders.

And it’s nowhere near as much fun riding when you’re in constant pain.

What causes the pain?

Upper back pain is caused by poor posture, where overworked muscles tighten up and shorten and the opposing muscles lengthen and become weak.

When the upper back and shoulders are chronically hunched forward, the shoulder blades start to slide away from the spine.

This over-stretches and weakens the muscles that connect the spine to the shoulder blades, upper back (rhomboids and traps), neck (levator scapulae) and shoulders (deltoids).

Muscles spasm from the fatigued muscles cause pain along the edges of the shoulder blades and up the neck.

Yoga for lower back pain Baba Ramdev

Baba Ramdev has given more in-depth demonstration of strengthening of your lower back.

Even though he explains in Hindi language watching and practicing will get rid of problems faster.

Yoga for back pain Boho beautiful

She is one of the famous yogi who has helped many to lead a healthy life by coming out of their problems through yoga.

Yoga for upper back pain between shoulder blades

Hunched shoulders cause the upper back to round and the shoulder blades to “wing out” to the sides, weakening the muscles of the upper back.

The tightness also shows up in poses in which the arms are extended overhead, such as virabhadrasana and adho mukha shvanasana (downward-facing dog).

Yoga for back bone pain

Yoga for lower back pain bulging disc

Why Opt For Yoga To Get Relief From Herniated Disc?

Is yoga good for herniated disc?

Specific yoga poses, when performed under care and expert supervision, can bring victims of Herniated disc effective relief from the excruciating pain.

Several yoga experts like B.K.S. Iyengar have recommended some special yoga poses for patients with this condition.

Studies also suggest that those suffering from a herniated disc will benefit greatly from simple movements that emphasize the extension of the bones.

Like you already know, yoga has a number of stretching exercises that are bound to give herniated disc patients immense relief from acute pain while at the same time help strengthen the bone in the back.


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