How To Turn Meditation Into Happiness Every Time?

Whatever be the situation in your life, every human being aspiration is to be pleasant and happiness within yourself.

Unfortunately, you are seeking happiness from external factors,which doesn’t last.

You might be thinking by having a good job, or having a particular car or marrying particular person or having a dream house will bring in happiness.

Even by default, you have all these, you will still be unhappy. Anything from external factors will not last.

More you seek happiness from outside; it will only lead you to more misery.

Only when you turn inwards, happiness will be your constant companion. Doing right meditation can bring in better clarity.


When you have better clarity, you will handle life situations based on what is needed for the present moment.

Doing things consciously every moment with full focus, your life energy will be enhanced.

With enhancement of life energy, you will go beyond your limitations in every aspect of life.

Being in reality and going beyond your limitations improves your well-being.


Better well-being brings in more happiness and meditation can play a key role in that direction.

With regular practice of meditation, you clarity improves and your inner well-being enhances.

When your well-being enhances your happiness improves.

Keep in mind only when you turn inwards, happiness will be your constant companion.

What happens during meditation:

Your stress hormones go low.

Your brain waves go up.

You release Dopamine( feel good hormone).

Grey matter increases.

Blood pressure decreases.

Your digestive system relaxes.

You get pain relief.

You reduce inflammation.

You decrease muscle tension.




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