Can Stress Make You Not Lose Weight?

Most of the people try to push harder in their workouts to bring down their body weight to look fit and trim.
When they realize it is not working they push still harder to bring down their weights.


Why is that?
When you are chronically stressed, you tend to store fat.
People try all kinds of diet fad or workout twice a day. People think they can fix their health symptoms through fitness and exercise.
People are not realizing, over working on their job which adds to their stress. When you are stressed out, you have less sleep, in the process you become chronically stressed and irritated.
Your chronic stress entangles you with your exercise, food and weight, in the process you are not able to get desired body shape or reduce weight.
When you are chronically stressed out you not only store weight which will lead to ailments like diabetes, liver problems and high blood pressure.
When you are stressed out you feel overwhelmed which leads to not choosing good food. Nutritious food becomes your least priority.
When you are stressed out you always tend to eat comfort food otherwise known as junk foods which are rich in sugar or fatty ingredients or alcohol thinking your stress will be relieved.
Unfortunately, your stress will only multiply when you tend to eat wrong food and feel even worse later.
When you are stressed, your cortisol level increases which creates  hormonal imbalance in your body.
Since stresses are related to body, mind and emotions, the fat gets accumulated around your waistline.
Best solution for stress is physical activity because it helps to utilize the carbohydrate stored and optimize your cortisol levels.
Exercise is important for health and stress relief. At the same time, at the times of chronic stress, more intense exercises become counterproductive.
 Over doing of exercise further stimulates your stress response so does your dieting.
When your body, mind and emotions are not in sync thanks to stress, reducing intake of caffeine and sugar and increasing the intake of green vegetables, whole grains, doing yoga and meditation will be highly beneficial.
When you streamline your body, mind and emotions through yoga and meditation, your blood flow becomes better and arteries in your heart which was clogged starts functioning better.
When your digestive tract gets cleared, it helps in burning your fat faster, rejuvenates your body cells and pumps oxygen to boost your energy level.
When you prioritize your life with yoga and meditation, healthy eating, getting sound sleep, happiness springs back into your life.
The key to losing weight faster and easier is to become healthy, first.
When you shift your focus from reducing weight to being healthy and address your stress factors, your weight balances out by itself.
If you are a women once your health and stress gets streamlined, you’re menstrual cycle becomes normal and your energy gets boosted.
Once you become aware and appreciate importance of health, the quality of your life also shoots up.


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