This Is Why Yoga Will Make You A Better Athlete

How yoga is helping top athletes to perform better?

You will be surprised lots of coaches have started imparting yoga practice as part of their team training schedules for enhancing their player’s performance.


Every coach wants their team to win. Coaches have realized that yoga enhances player’s body balance and strength and great flexibility of muscles.
Plus, yoga strengthens player’s bones, joints, tendons and most importantly ligaments.

Do Yoga enhances athletic performance?

When the players combine yoga and meditation it improves their focus, calmness to handle any given situation, less injury  prone which all adds up to better performance, in the process better chance of winning. What more a coach want!
Incase, you are already an athlete or intent to be one, get best tip about how yoga can help you to reach top level in your sports or game.
You might think other training can strengthen your core muscles or even six-pack for your better performance.

Strengthening core muscles for athletes

Unfortunately, other training doesn’t help you to work on Rhomboids which is the essential to develop your core muscles.
So, you decide to work on Rhomboids separately. Then all the other muscles are not syncing to get the desired results.
Here, yoga comes as your savior to use your body muscles intelligently which will align all your muscles to enhance your upper-body strength.
For your experience, just join yoga classes for a month and see whether you can use your own body weight to do simple yoga poses.
You will be surprised you won’t be able to do even the simple yoga poses.
You might be an athlete training everyday with big body muscles.

How yoga helps in using all the muscles for better performance?

Unfortunately, most of these muscles you rarely use but, yoga can help you to strengthen those muscles for better performance.
Being an athlete you might think it’s going to be a cake walk on your yoga class but you will walk out in disbelief that how weak your muscles are.
Don’t be disheartened. Keep going to yoga class and in time you will see the muscles are getting stronger.
When your muscles become stronger, your performance will improve on the field because power is enhanced when all the muscles work in tandem.
You will be surprised that most of the athletes can’t touch their toes or leave alone their knees due to too tight hamstring muscles.
Most of the athletes can’t grasp their hands behind their back because their arms and shoulders are so tight.
 As an athlete if you can’t stretch to the maximum your performance in the game won’t produce the desired results.

Power of flexibility for sports

Never underestimate the power of flexibility. Increase your range of motion with yoga which will open to the world of playing better and preventing you from numerous injuries.
Ankle plays crucial role for an athlete and this is the area where most of the athletes face their injury issue.
Certain yoga pose helps to strengthen this area and gives better arch in motion.
When you land up with ankle problems head to practice yoga first thing to come out of injury.
When you practice yoga poses with right breathing technique it will help you to get back on your feet faster also strengthens your muscles to be less injury prone in the future.
When your muscles get strengthen through yoga practice, your body also balances better for a greater mobility range to give powerful performance.
Never worry about getting your yoga poses right. With right breathing technique which will help you to focus better, you will be able to practice yoga poses with ease over a period of time.

How yoga helps in strengthening joints and keeping you injury free

As an athlete you will be training hard to get strength and endurance. Unfortunately, it’s not good for your joints.
Yoga plays crucial role here, because yoga practice has less impact on your joints.
At the same time with range of motion with yoga poses your muscles builds phenomenal flexibility and strength.
With yoga practice your joints becomes stronger thanks to muscles and tendons around the joints gets strengthen, in the process it will help to reduce your injury issues on the field.
If your joints are not protected by strong muscles and tendons it will impact your joints badly because of stress on the playing field.
Whatever sports or game you play add yoga practice into your schedule.Why?
It will enhance your performance. If it’s team games ask your teammates to do the same which will enhance your team’s winning chances.
By the way, practicing yoga can also lengthen your career in sports.
Whether you are a newbie as an athlete or already a veteran athlete practicing yoga and meditation will strengthen your body and mind to focus better on a long-term basis.
Irrespective what level of athlete stage you are in, start yoga as a beginner and slowly enhance your yoga practice for a successful sports and injury free career.
Most importantly, yoga will be able to help you to be fully involved in your game and play it joyfully for more winning ways.


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