24 of the best fashion hacks you would love to try

Some of the fashion hacks you would love to try.

Some, I wouldn’t suggest especially one related to hacking somebody’s finger print to hack into your partner’s mobile phone.

If you have doubt about your life partner,it’s better to sort it in the beginning itself or move out of relationship without hurting each other and losing sleep.

Some of the best ones are using paper clip to hide your bra straps for your dress to look more stylish.

Making sure your panty lines are not visible.

Using scotch tape to keep your lose strap in place without grossly showing your cleavage and looking more elegant.

Applying nail polish to creative ideas.

Ofcourse, you have 24 ideas to work on.Out of which atleast half of it will come in handy for you.

My gratitude to ‘5-Minute Crafts’ YouTube channel for such valuable tips. Do check on their channel for more tips.

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