How to Build Strong Mind With Yoga?

Now people have discovered that in spite of having all the comforts of luxury and technological advancements mental illness has increased and no modern medical science can help you to live joyfully.

How yoga aligns your body and mind

Going into great detail about yoga will need few books for me to write. Let’s keep it simple; yoga aligns your body, mind, emotions so that you are total ease with yourself while doing your entire task today, the next day, for months and years to come.
Mind is like a battery. Most of the time, it gets discharged because you keep playing your psychological dramas again and again.


When your mind, body and emotions are not aligned with proper exercises, it creates a friction within you which will bring down your battery not to perform even simplest things in your everyday life.
When that happens you will find that your brain does not work properly and your mind will not concentrate.
The moment your start your work or studies you find yourself totally incapable of moving forward as your mental power has drained.
Most of the people go through these anxiety, stress which makes their mind does not retain the focus to complete the task.

How to get your mind rejuvenated

A methodology has got to be applied which will allow your brain to continuously get rejuvenated and keep doing what is needed to done through out your life joyfully.
When you do things consciously, your mind gets the power to focus better. If you allow your mind to do things unconsciously, your thoughts will wander in all directions and will become weak.
The primary role of yoga is to make you do things consciously which will make your thought process to get single pointed to go in the right direction.
When your mind works on things consciously for longer duration of time without distraction it becomes stronger.
When your mind is doing things unconsciously, the thoughts will get clouded and your action will become weaker.

What damage mind can do when it is weak

You must be aware when your mind is weak you cannot do any work properly whereas when your mind is strong, you can do work efficiently and joyfully.
Human personality is going through various complexes, neurological issues of present day life style which leads to anxiety, fear and stress.
When you apply the right system to remove the frictions within yourself, it can be channelized in right direction.
Once the friction has been removed from your system, you will be able to express yourself to your full potential instead getting suppressed.
Modern medicines only make things worse by suppressing your potential. Everybody has the potential to express their ideas better.
But they become slave to this suppression, which will make them not think clearly, keep their mind underutilized and feel they have some basic defect in their system.
Your memory gets clouded thanks to all the complexes you have brought on to yourself.
You need to remove these complexes to get your faculties to manifest your full potential.

How to get best out of your life

Yoga has very effective method which is called Dhyana yoga which is nothing but yoga of meditation.
By meditating you delve yourself deeper and start seeing yourself within.
Once, your start seeing yourself within, you will get clarity where your mental faculties are trapped and help you to attain sufficient focus to make your mind to work in the right direction.
Meditation need to be learned by everybody and apply the science for atleast 20 minutes every day to enhance the mind potential.
Over a period of time, meditation will help your mind to relax and help your mental and brain power to work on your full potential.
Meditation will work on everybody whether you are a student or CEO of your company or driver or professor or technician to work with better clarity to their full potential.
Before you start practicing meditation, you should know that it is the last stage of yoga not the first.
It is imperative that you practice your yoga with few poses which will align your body, mind and emotions to make you relax.
Only when your body and mind relaxes after completing yoga exercises, you start your meditation practice.
After completing your yoga exercise, sit in a comfortable posture, preferably in lotus pose.
Make sure your spinal cord is erect and then close your eyes. Focus on your breath for twenty minutes with total focus.
Once you give your full attention on your breath, it will bring in phenomenal relaxation to your system.
Unfortunately, certain frictions in your mind do not allow you to relax fully because of stress caused by excess carbon-dioxide in the brain.
This carbon-dioxide can be removed effectively by this yoga meditation. This method helps in better recharging your brain effectively when your mind is clouded and tired.

Powerful meditation practice link is given for free

This meditation brings in better clarity to your mind and makes your brain rejuvenated.
The meditation technique link given is very powerful one by Sadhguru of Isha Yoga.
I would like to emphasize that yoga begins with the practice of yoga asanas or poses(as they call in Western world) as physical exercises.
Only after practicing yoga asanas regularly for sometime your body, mind and emotions gets aligned.
When you have balanced yourself better, start your meditation to develop your personality.
Unfortunately people still believe that yoga is for old people who have renounced life. This is a biggest myth.
Yoga is actually for youngsters who are actively involved in life.

Yoga is for everybody

Also keep in mind that yoga is not for people without any problems but for normal people like us who are constantly juggling life with our studies, work and family relationships to handle all the stresses of life, at the same time keep our mind relaxed, pleasant to lead more meaningful life.

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