Why is Yoga Good for Bone Health

People who are already into yoga practice knows the health benefits. Yoga gives greater flexibility to your body which leads to stronger muscles, better posture which makes your body balancing without falling, eradicates stress and anxiety levels, increases awareness within you which will help in better clarity in life.

Yoga increases bone density in spine and hips and improving your postures. There are millions of cases who by practicing yoga has got rid of their spine and hip fractures without any surgeries.

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Plenty of people are opting for yoga to come out of their ailments without any dangerous side effects of medicines or surgeries.

People who have gone in for medications have found that they have adverse side effects like gastrointestinal distress and fractures of the femur. Women who experience osteoporosis issues are slowly avoiding medication to avoid gastrointestinal problems.

On the other hand people who have adopted to yoga practice found that their posture have improved considerably which has resulted in better balancing of the body, enhanced co-ordination of the body which improved body mobility, stronger muscle strength which improved better gait in their strides and reduced the level of anxiety and stress.

Each yoga poses is designed to remove friction within the muscle groups to stimulate Oscteocytes, which activates cells to strengthen the bones. Bone-density gets improved in spine and hips.

Yoga has helped people who have suffered significant bone loss. Because of the practice their internal bone support has become stronger which is important to resist fractures. Yoga can help in reversing bone loss.

Spinal fractures can result from poor posture and there is no medication for that, but yoga improves in posture and better balancing of the body and over time improves flexibility and bone density.

When you start doing yoga poses it improves in mobility because of the flexibility, stronger muscles and better co-ordination thanks to reduced anxiety level. All these improvement helps in better ability to stay upright and not keep falling. When you don’t fall, your risk factor of getting fracture comes down drastically.

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