What Is the Role of Yoga In Sports?

Can Yoga help sports people for better performance?

Lots of sports and athlete people are practicing yoga now a day. Why the transformation.

I have found lots of NBA players are practicing yoga regularly for bettering their performance.


People who have embraced yoga practice especially sports people have found that their performance has improved considerably.

They recover faster from their injuries and becoming more flexible.

Even young sports people or old non professional sports people who are actively involved in cycling, tennis, golf, skating, football, running have found that their performance has improved considerably, by practicing Yoga.

Several studies have found that yoga and meditation helps in reducing inflammation.

Chronic inflammation leads to chronic ailments like high blood pressure, heart ailments, cancer, diabetes, chronic pain.

You will be surprised to know that strenuous exercises and workouts leads to chronic inflammation and it affects you badly as you get older.

Lots of research shows that people who have practiced yoga regularly have significant lower levels of inflammation comparing non performers, which we Indians know it for thousands of years.

People involved in active role of sports or doing heavy workouts can practice yoga into your lifestyle.

 Yoga can enhance the performance of sports and when you workout at the gym.

More Important yoga helps faster recoveries from injuries by reducing inflammation.

Practice yoga and enjoy wellness in all walks of life.


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