Don’t Let The Winter Wreak Havoc On Your Health

What is the impact of winter in your body

During winter the blood circulation is slower, which makes you feel colder. Lethargy creeps in you and muscles and joints become stiffer. This in turn, leads to falls and injuries. Immunity also goes down, which in turn lead to cold, sore throat and related illness.


How to handle winter for more energy

During winters, it is important to get more sleep. It is important for you to get extra sleep to rejuvenate your body. It is important during winter you sleep early and wake up when the sun rises. You should know that human is always in sync with cycles of sun.

You should make it a point to eat healthy during winter especially sprinkled with more spices as the spices contain antioxidants and strengthen the body to fight winter blues.

During winter people tend to drink less water and tend take tea and caffeine more which have more diuretics. Diuretics are substances which expels the essential water and salt from urine.

It is important that you be aware what kind of food and drink can cause your body to lose water and dehydrate.

When the cells in the body dehydrate, your skin and hair becomes lifeless. You will feel  fatigue and your movements become slower.

Drink at least two liters of slightly warm water every day. Adding grated ginger or lemon increases immunity boosting properties.

It’s preferable to have more dry fruits during winter which keeps your muscles and joints more lubricated which will help you to be less prone to injuries.

Dry fruits help in your weight loss journey, decreases heart ailments and diabetes issues. Skin also becomes healthier which will make your hair to come to life and skin glowing.

Yoga the Savoir

Yoga is the major mood-lifting factor in life. When you do more yoga poses, your internal glands gets activated, gets your endorphin gland more alive to give you more happy vibes within you ,which will make you more healthier.

When you do more yoga practice regularly it will keep your body warmer, stimulates your body cells, and keeps you more balanced with vibrant health.

When you practice yoga regularly, your blood circulation improves which in turn helps in keeping your body warmer. This protects your body from not getting infections or major ailments.

When you practice yoga and meditation it helps in regulating your breathing to get the body enough body into the system. When fresh oxygen is pumped into your body blood gets purified. When more purified blood gets pumped into your body it gives enough oxygen and nutrients into your body cells and detoxifies your body to keep your body healthy and glowing.


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