What Nobody Ever Told You About Menstrual Irregularities

What are the main causes of menstrual irregularities

  1. Imbalance in your hormones.

  2. Stress factors you are experiencing.

  3. If you are working out with heavy weights.

  4. If your body weight is heavy.

  5. Check for any infectious issues in your reproductive organ.

  6. Regular consumption of birth control pills.

  7. Eating junk foods especially meat items.

  8. Yoga will streamline your menstrual irregularities. Even when you are feeling fatigue, bloated and don’t feel like getting out of bed when you are having periods, make it a point to get out of bed and start practicing yoga. Medically it has proved that yoga helps in relieving your menstrual pains.

Menstrual irregularities not just gives cramps, you go through various emotional imbalance which will result in fatigue, headaches, acne, breast pain.

Yoga and meditation has been a proven science for thousands of years to streamline your menstrual cycles, Premenstrual syndrome, and other related ailments. Yoga practice works on the core level to get rid of the imbalance in your body, mind, emotions to keep you at ease.

There are various yoga poses which can relieve your menstrual irregularities. Most important factor need to be is to streamline all parts of the body to give overall wellbeing of your body.

Main benefits of yoga poses for menstrual irregularities

  1. By practicing yoga it streamlines your stress factors.

  2. Relaxes your body, mind and emotions.

  3. Rejuvenate each part of your body.

  4. Removes the friction in abdominal muscles and cures the disorders.

  5. Relieves your menstrual irregularities.


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