Kick Off Your Butt and Curb Your Stress

Coach potato or healthy lifestyle

Coach potato leads a lifestyle with no physical activity spending more time watching TV or in front of a computer or playing video games. The more you either keep sitting or resting, it will lead to lethargy and laziness.

Laziness is just a habit because of sedentary lifestyle with no focus on purpose in life which leads to lack of motivation, lack of discipline which leads to low esteem. Lack of motivation leads to procrastination.

To lead a healthy lifestyle, you need to be active and spend less time sitting. Being coach potato applies to all age group which has harmful effect of getting obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and early death.

Risk factors of Sedentary lifestyle

Muscles gets weakened when you lead sedentary lifestyle, which will make you to fall often and fracture your bones.

Immune system gets weaker in your body which will lead you to various infectious diseases.

When metabolic action decreases it will lead to stress in turn to chronic diseases.

Fear, anxiety and stress will lead to depression.

How to take charge of stress

When body, mind and emotions are not aligned, stress will crop up which will lead to depression in turn affecting your day to day life.

When you are stressed you become out of focus in life, will also lead to dizziness, headaches, muscles getting tensed up in turn will lead to lack of sleep.

Yoga and meditation time and again has proved in curing stress and depression, if you are regular with yoga practice, irrespective of age.

How anxiety creates havoc to various age groups

Even children below the age of 5 having sedentary lifestyle will become obese and their cognitive development will be below normal. Parents need to make sure to have their kids involved in some creative activities both indoor and outdoor which will enhance their children’s cognitive development.

Let’s take the children in the age group of 5 to 18 who are more prone to coach potato syndrome thanks to less activities and more of watching TV, playing video games and iPad. This leads to anxiety, depressions and other ailments. In the recent study they have found that the maximum number of suicides that are happening are in the age group of 12 to 18 where the children spend more time on social medias than playing games or sports or dancing or exercising.

Here parents play major role in nurturing their children in the right direction by setting examples of being active and indulging the kids also into more outdoor activities. Keep in mind children don’t listen to you. They observe your action and follow in your foot steps.

Now let’s look into next age groups of 19 to 60+ who show considerable symptoms of anxiety, depression, heart ailments and chronic pains thanks to sitting in one place for longer periods. In the process there is no blood circulation which deprives the body the necessary metabolism.

It’s imperative that the people in this age group spend less time sitting whether at home or work. As most of them are doing desk bound work now a days, it’s advisable to take a break every one hour take a break for 5 minutes and walk around to make blood circulation in the body. If you have to talk to somebody on mobile, move around, not sit. Need to be active either in either in sports or exercising or dancing. Cut down on TV watching as much as possible.

People in the age group of 60+ are depriving themselves of life when they should be really active by involving themselves into sports, gardening, some form exercise or trekking. Less they spend time sitting and watching TV, less they will any mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, heart ailments, diabetes, chronic pain and cancer. Again yoga and meditation is the real answer to this age to enjoy their life and enhance life expectancy without any ailments and taking medication.

Why Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation helps in aligning the body, mind, emotions to remove frictions within the body which will help in regulating breath, improves lung capacity and controls stress.

Once the stress factors are removed yoga will balance your body better and enhance well being in your life.

Yoga improves flexibility, strength to muscles which will help in better movement of your body.

Chronic pain in the body will be brought down, spine and hips will become stronger which will result in better stride to the body.

Once you practice yoga and meditation, it will improve your mind power to structure you to healthy living as anxiety will be brought down and you will start eating well balanced diet.

All positive aspects of life are within your grip once you streamline your body, mind and emotions through yoga and meditation for overall well being.

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