What Are The Benefits of Yoga For Kids?

In USA they have done considerable research which proves that yoga is a very effective way to streamline your children body, mind, emotions and overall well-being. This we in India have been aware of for thousands of years though most of the parents are not aware of it now a days even in India.


While practicing yoga when the children stretch their body with various poses it relieves their tense and rigid muscles. Most important factor is, it streamlines colon and ease constipation. When the children practice yoga regularly their strength and stamina increases considerably.

If children are into sports, it improves their performance phenomenally as their flexibility; lung power improves when they practice yoga. One of the reasons why top NBA players, Tennis players, athletes are practicing yoga regularly now a days.

Another major benefit of children practicing yoga is, it will help them to detox from social media and other digital addictions and encourage them to focus living in this moment, because their awareness towards how their body functions improves, help them to handle their emotions better.

All the recent studies shows that the children focus, concentration in their task improves because their anxiety and hyperactivity are brought down by practicing yoga and meditation.

The American Journal of Occupational Therapy states that daily practice of yoga helps in children with autism syndrome by lowering their social withdrawal symptoms.

Yoga is a boon to better grades. Lots of schools in USA which has adopted yoga and meditation to their curriculum have found children especially teenager’s moods gets elevated by bringing down anxiety, stress, depression level and improving their performance in their studies, sports. It has also helped in bringing down suicide tendencies, drug menace.

It’s high time parents encourage their kids to take up yoga at the early age besides for themselves for over all well-being.

People still think yoga is not the real exercise. It is high time they realize the benefits of yoga and meditation both for themselves and for the wellness of their kids.

Nurture your kids to practice yoga by joining in their practice or explaining to them to take it easy with each pose until they get it right and start seeing the benefits of yoga.


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