Scientifically Proven Daily Healthy Habits That Will Transform Your Life

Yoga and meditation which are more than ten thousands years science has become savior for everybody’s well being.

Anxiety, stress leads to more chaotic life. All your energy is depleted in the process.

Fatigue becomes part of your life and your body craves for junk food which leads to more complications in your body than balancing a healthy life.


Yoga and Ayurveda are derived from life experience to align body, mind and emotions to bring balance in your body.

When your daily habits go out of track, you develop imbalance in your body which will lead to more ailments.

Unless, you strive to improve your health on a day to day basis through yoga, meditation and healthy eating, you will end up in a mess both physically and mentally.

Your dinner needs to be lighter, preferably more of fruits and salads. Avoid processed foods at any cost.

Eat your main meal during lunch which will give sufficient time for your body to digest.

If your digestive system is not in order, you are bound to gain weight, your health will be affected badly and you will age faster.

Unfortunately, stress has become a major crux to our lifestyle.

Come out of your anxiety, stress and depression by practicing yoga and meditation.

Declutter from all your digital gadgets every now and then throughout the day.

Do some meditative practice which will keep your mind relaxed and in silence.

The more your mind is in silence, more clarity you will have in your life.

Yogic science suggests to sleep early preferably before 10 p.m., which will improve your immune system.

Preferably spend time with your family or friends without any distractions of your gadgets, listening to soothing music after dinner.

Avoid jarring music or watching TV, especially news channel,  before going to sleep.

Best way to kick start your day is to get by 5 a.m. and observe the calmness and preferably watch the sun-rise.

The more you get into this habit, more you will be able to into better rhythm of your life to handle whole day with brightness.

Drink couple of glasses of Luke warm water when you get up in the morning from your bed before heading to bathroom.

Start your day with yoga and meditation so that your body and mind is aligned to handle all the life situations with ease.

Have plenty of plant based diet with a combination of sprouts, fruits, seeds, roots and leaves. Your first meal needs to be more nutritious.

Once a week have oil massage with coconut oil or head over to any nearby Ayurveda center to have a full body massage.

Besides relaxing your muscles the massage helps being comfortable with your own skin.

According to yogic science it is preferable to eat only twice a day without snacking in between once you cross the age of 30.

Once you start eating based on the suggestion your digestive system gets regulated.

Your energy flow will be better to handle any task of the day with ease, when your digestive system is in order.

When you eat more, you are putting your body into complications which leads to over-weight, ailments and chronic pains.

When you observe your breath every now and then by way of meditation, your perception improves.

When your perception improves, better clarity comes in and quality of your life improves.

If you always live in compulsive reactions towards life, you will only have more entanglement in life.

You have to practice receptivity towards life by enhancing healthy habits and relaxing.

Only when you thrive for better enhancements, better things happen in your life.


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