Mind Blowing Psychological Facts For Better Life

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What are some cool psychology facts?

1.Doctor advises you to have oranges before going to work because it reduces stress.

2. People are asked to spend more in gardening or move around where more trees and plants are there because it relaxes your mind and brings down psychological ailments.

3. When you reflect positive feelings towards others, positive vibes reflects on us. Similarly, if you reflect negative feelings towards others negativity impacts us.

4. Every cell in our body reacts to what our mind reflects. Our immunity becomes weaker because of negativity caused in our mind.

5. When you feel somebody at work is aggressive against you, make sure to sit next to them in a meeting which will make them to become less aggressive against you.

6. Listen to some soothing music like meditative music or rain music everyday which will strengthen your immune system and bring down depression symptoms.

7. More you take effort in smiling, happier you will become.

8. Be in the company of happy people because they are infectious and create positive vibes when you are with them.

9. Sun has positive impact on people. People who spend more time in the sun are happy.

10. Best part when you smile, you are more attractive than wearing a makeup.

11. Anxiety and depression leads you to age faster.

12. Banana has antidepressant agent called Prozac and keeps your mood happier. Have banana once a day.

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