How Yoga Helps in Anti-Aging?

Yoga has always proven to be very effective anti-aging solutions irrespective of what age you start your practice.

As long as you are regular with your yoga practice, your movements are bound to improve in the process relieve most of your ailments.

As you age not only your gray hair shows up, back pain, spine issues crops up. Plus, your flexibility, bone strength, agility, speed, lung capacity all goes down below your capabilities. This is where regular yoga practice brings in better stability and better movements to your body.


When your body muscles loses it’s flexibility, less slower and weaker, you lose elasticity in muscle and fascia skin.

With instability and stiffness of your muscles muscle loss and bone loss are common trap of aging. All these contribute to less strength, less flexibility and speed of your body movement.

Ofcourse, with regular yoga practice you can reverse engineer these age related issues, maintaining your body mass, better flexibility, stronger bone strength until your late age of your life and to look younger.

Yoga is more than 15,000 years Indian science which helps you getting better as you keep practicing, keeps you fitter and stronger by half your age.

Let’s delve more into the health benefits of yoga as you age.

How yoga solves Osteoporosis problems

As you age your bone density decreases which results in Osteoporosis ailments, which will make your bone brittle and you are bound to get fractures with wrong movements of your body or when you have fall.

Yoga gives better physical structure by keeping your spine more flexible, building muscle strength, your awareness increases, and better balance to your body.

How yoga relieves Arthritis pain

Arthritis cause pains in your joints of your hands, knees, wrists, elbows, stifling and curtailing your body movements.

*Yoga relieves your joint pain by improving your muscle flexibility and reducing inflammation in your muscle joints.

How yoga resolves Spinal Stenosis issue

Spine is the axis of your body. When you are affected by spinal stenosis it narrows your spinal canal by squeezing your spinal cord that will cause considerable pain and will affect your hips, legs, your shoulders by making it numb.

Yoga poses helps in making your spine flexible, keeping your body structure stable and reducing your pain significantly.

How yoga streamlines disc issues

When your disc is affected, hernia, slip discs can press into your spinal cord and nerves causing chronic pain and limiting your movements. Disc and back pain will be a regular occurrence once you are affected.

Yoga helps in strengthening your core muscles, better flexibility to your spine which will help in relieving your back pain and giving better movements to your body.

Why to strengthen Core muscles through yoga and eradicate back pain issue

When you strengthen your core muscles, your back issues gets dissolved because, your abs, hips, legs muscles becomes stronger in the process your spine will be ably supported by these supporting muscles as yoga helps in stabilizing your body.

How yoga resolves nerve issues

When your nerves gets injured, numbness, pain, weakness will happen in your feet, toes, fingers, hands, limbs because of the lack of circulatory motion in your body.

Yoga poses helps in improving your circulatory motion, creating awareness to your body.

How yoga helps to strengthen ligament muscle

As you age ligaments wear out because you stress your joints in knees, shoulders, hips, ankles and over use it.

Yoga is a major boon to strengthen your ligament muscles, as your knee muscles will be strengthen when you work on your hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes muscles. Yoga poses helps in keeping your legs stronger and recovery from any injuries will be faster.

What way yoga can resolve Tendonitis issue

Tendon inflammation cause, joint pain, stiffness and bring in instability to your body movements. Though it is a temporary, the inflammation can be brought down by rest, it doesn’t give a full solution.

By practicing yoga regularly, Tendonitis can be eradicated as yoga poses gives movements to various parts of the body and, strengthen the muscles and brings down the inflammation.

How yoga streamlines Myofascial tightening, stiffness due to decreased collagen

Stiffness, imbalance, less confidence in balancing the body is age related issues because lack of flexibility in muscles and connecting tissues.

Yoga poses which helps in stretching your body gently, gives better flexibility, necessary fluids to the tissues. Unless, you use the body the right way, you won’t get the right results.

How yoga is beneficial during Menopause

In women, because of hormonal changes during menopause, hot flashes happens regularly.

Practicing yoga regularly helps in going through menopause phase of life smoothly without getting affected by the hormonal changes.

Why it is important to sort out blood pressure problem through yoga

High blood pressure ailments have become a major issue as it affects most of the people, even people who are in their 20s.This creates sudden dizziness and imbalance in your body.

When you practice yoga regularly, you will be able to over ride high blood pressure issues by regulating your blood pressure.

How yoga is powerful to solve your Asthma problem

Pollution, age-related issues deprive lung capacity and aggravate asthma ailments and you are bound to get asthma regularly.

With yoga practice your cardio-vascular muscles are activated, arteries gets necessary blood flow, as the yoga movements are slow in nature, at the same time improves your lung capacity considerably.

Why yoga to sort out COPD, Chronic Bronchitis, and Emphysema issues

Chronic bronchitis or Emphysema limits your breathing ability and give constrain to your cardiovascular activities.

This is where yoga scores big because yoga movements have low impact on your body and all the yoga practice like pranayama give importance to breathing techniques which helps in better respiratory conditions. Along with yoga practice when you practice meditation it helps in strengthen your respiratory organs and improves in eradicating breathing issues.

 How powerful is yoga to solve Insomnia and sleep Issues

Insomnia, restlessness will bring in sleeping disorder.

When you practice yoga with slow breathing, it help to reduce your anxiety, relaxes your muscles, helps you to have deep sleep which will help your body better rejuvenation and will give you quality sleep.

Why yoga your savior to Chronic Illness

Chronic ailments can cause severe pain and helplessness.

Yoga eradicates these issues especially when it is related to rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyagia. Most of the yoga practices are meditative in nature, it is an ideal tool to eradicate terminal ailments effectively.

Keep in mind that yoga practice is not about twisting your body or standing upside down. It’s all about getting into right flow with ease with consistent practice which will strengthen your muscles, give you better health and make you look younger.


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