How To Do Chair Yoga While You Do Your Work

Sedentary lifestyle is a killer both for your body and mind. Sitting long hours on the desk top and working, added to that wrong posture affects the muscles, circulation of blood especially spinal cord which is the axis of our body.
When your work involves more of desk job which most of our works are, it limits your mobility. Simple yoga moves from your desk can give some amount of flexibility to your muscles.


Yoga has been a major boon to many people for their healthy lifestyle especially for people whose work involves long hours in front of the computer. Even if you do one yoga stretch it will make a major difference to your muscle functionality.
Yoga besides helping you to have better posture, flexibility to muscles, brings down stress level within you.
Let’s look into some simple yoga poses/stretches which can improve your productivity.

How to do Neck and shoulder yoga pose

The above pose can be done seated on a chair.

How to do spinal twist on a chair

How to do cat and cow yoga pose on a chair

How to do seated spinal backbend

It’s applicable to everybody whose works lots of time in front of computer.

How to do seated Pigeon

Each pose you start doing it until you get it right. Once, you have become familiar with each pose, go to the next pose. Once, you have familiarized with all the poses start practicing each poses every one hour to get recharge your battery, relieve your stress level and improve your posture.
Once, you start practicing these yoga moves regularly, it will become second in nature to your activity and help you to have more energy without damaging your body and mind.
The most important factor about doing these poses when you are doing desk job is, it keeps your spine straight, relaxing surrounding muscles, releasing muscle tensions and keeping your spine flexible. When your spine is kept flexible, it improves alignment with other parts of the body and decreases pain to various parts of the body.
Yoga poses help to strengthen core muscles, back and abdomen. When you practice different poses it helps to relax your entire body, reduces stress level and gives you good sleep at night. Practicing meditation along with these yoga poses can help you phenomenally in your well being.
Once, your mobility improves, your health risks comes down, your mind starts focusing better in the process your productivity improves.


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