Why Yoga Practice Striding Ahead in America?

Yoga is an ancient science from India which is suppose to be more than 15000 years in practice and has major benefits to all walks of your life.

According to latest information more than 30 million Americans are practicing yoga, in that more than 25 % Americans are above the age of 50, which is a good sign as it will bring down the dependency of medications and to lead a healthy life.

Americans who have started practicing yoga feel their overall life has improved. It is backed by science now, that yoga improves health in areas like cardiovascular strength, better flexibility, better balancing of body plus reducing chronic pain, anxiety and stress level which in turn brings in better clarity to life, great flexibility and strength to muscles and overall well being.

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Yoga helps in healthier lifestyle too. People who do yoga regularly are far more active than those who don’t and most of the yogis are actively involved in sports, trekking and martial arts.

Yoga also helps in eating sensibly by following diet which are right for the body. People who are into yoga tend to eat more greens, raw vegetables in the form of salads, fruits, drinking more green tea which will help them to be more healthier, fitter to have more energy to handle various life situation.

Traditional yoga science benefits both the physical and mental front by practicing yoga and meditation. Westerners are also slowly understanding the real power of traditional yoga and meditation which is helping them considerably both on the physical and mental faculties instead of focusing just the physical benefits, which they use to do earlier.

People who practice yoga and meditation feel they have more compassion towards humanity and nature, which makes them volunteer for activities which can shape more joyful community.

Yoga is not just for exclusive few who are more flexible, athletic or younger age. Yoga can be practiced at any age regardless of a person’s age, current level of fitness level, gender or community.

The fundamental science of yoga is being compassion to oneself and to fellow human being and being non-judgmental to any belief system or community as such.

Yoga is not about showing off your pose or comparing yourself with others or to trying to do some challenging pose.

Yoga is a science to align your body, mind, emotions to your life energy. More you start practicing yoga; you will start realizing day to day changes and moment to moment changes happening in your life. Yoga ultimately helps you to communicate better with cosmos for your overall well being.

As more westerners start practicing yoga they should start focusing the true science of yoga which is about feeling awareness and compassion within oneself to go beyond one’s limitations to explore better life.

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