How To Become Better With Healthy vs Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits?

Impact of Unhealthy Lifestyle

I have been unhealthy at one point in my life and I consider myself super healthy today.

Hence I feel I suffice to answer this question.

Three years ago..

I used to wake up by 9.30 in the morning, take shower, eat whatever junk I could get my hands on and rush to college.

I was always late for my lectures.

Then for lunch again I would eat anything that was available in canteen including Kurkure and lays.

Having tea by 5 with biscuits and then going out to some random cafe and then again having junk.

Then reach home by 10 PM, scroll through social media, watch shows and doze off late in the night.

This was a set routine for me and this is how I lived for approximately two years of my life.

How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle?


I wake up at 5 in the morning.

I drink some water, visit the loo and then meditate or read.

In the mean time I also put my veggies to boil for my everyday green smoothie.

I change into my gym clothes, hit the gym and be back by 7.30 or 8 AM.

I cook lunch and evening snack for me which usually looks like this.

I still eat out at cafes but it’s mostly salad or smoothies. Sometimes South Indian too.

I don’t eat junk.

I don’t drink chocolate smoothies or flavoured coffee.

I try to sleep by 10.30 PM or 11 PM.

This is my routine now. I will not alter it for anything and not trade my meditation time or sleep time for anything.

The biggest common factor is :-

Unhealthy and healthy people both have a set of fixed routines that happens so naturally after a certain point that the person isn’t even aware. The body is on auto pilot making decisions.

Eating a salad okay.

Eating pizza or mcd okay.

There’s no choice you just know and your body knows what it’s going to get.

Break the habit of being in a set routine if you’re unhealthy. That’s what worked for me 🙂

My gratitude to Ms.Ankita Srivastava, Cosmetologist, Orane International for sharing her story.

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