Why Diet Plans Are Unhealthy-Bet You Never Knew

Why diet fails

Would you be interested to know why dieting doesn’t work especially fad diet plan. to lose weight.Read further…

Meet Jack.

Jack is fat.

Jack decides to lose weight.

Jack wants to lose weight fast.

Jack follows popular diet X, eating small amounts of food he doesn’t really like, subjecting himself to a large energy deficit.

Jack loses a notable amount of weight.

Dieting doesn’t work research

Jack starts suffering hunger pangs, both because he’s depriving himself from food he likes, but also because his drastic diet affects his bodily production of the hunger hormones ghrelin and leptin.

Jack is still not at his goal.

Jack’s weight loss stalls.

Jack gets desperate and decreases his food intake even further.

Why dieting is so hard?

Jack one day has a bad day.

Jack goes home on this bad day, orders a large pizza and eats it. Then he eats a full tub of ice-cream since he’s already off his diet.

Jack eats a bit of junk every day the coming weeks. He can’t fully get back on his diet.

Jack starts gaining back weight.

Jack grows depressed because he’s gaining back weight.

Jack eats more.

Why diets are bad?

Jack has, because of diet-induced changes to his metabolic rate and spontaneous activity levels, gained a noticeable amount of fat mass in a short amount of time.

Jack is back at his starting weight.

Jack is depressed because he gained back 6 months worth of weight loss in 1 1/2 months.

Jack would be even more depressed if he knew he’d lost muscle mass and gained fat mass—a common result of a yo-yo diet—on his weight-loss-and-gain journey.

The diet plan that doesn’t work at all is the one you can’t follow.

That’s all there is to it really.

Why dieting does not work?

There are several problems with diet failures:

  1. Eating less Calories but failing to have proper nutrition.
    You need not only to reduce your caloric intake you need to have a varied nutrition as well or you will just hurt your body.
    In fact eating well is the only way to have a successful diet.
  2. Slimming down too fast. This slows your metabolism resulting in the famous “yo-yo effect”, i.e. gaining weight much faster then before. once you lost it.
    Be patient, lose weight steadily. Do not lose more than 2 kg/month.
  3. Lack of perseverance. Losing weight will not happen overnight. You must keep at it.
  4. Lack of exercise. Now exercise alone will not make you lose weight (unless you go exercise a LOT), you need to diet too., but at the same time you need exercise to build more muscle, keep your metabolism at a good rate, etc…

Why fad diets do not work?

Also forget fad diets. Keto, Atkins, whatever. Throw that shit in the garbage it will only hurt you in the long run.



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