Best Definition of Fitness

Are you aware of right way to approach best definition of fitness?


Let’s look into the actions of two regular gym guys which will delve into right fitness approach.

There are two guys in my gym – ABHIMANYU AND PAVAN !

Abhimanyu walks in around 7.30 AM and starts stretching. He sometimes walks or cycles a bit before he works out. He lifts the heaviest weights possible.

He works out for 45–60 minutes and then again does a lot of breathing and yogic exercises.

He regularly takes break and I have seen him eating not just protein but salads too at our gym cafe.

He looks great not just physically , but his aura is charming too.


Then there is Pavan. He comes somewhere around Abhimanyu’s time only, but I have never seen him breathe properly, stretch properly or being mindful of his workouts.

He lifts the heaviest weights even more than all the trainers too. Not to mention he makes weird noise when lifting which can sometimes be annoying.

He works out for 2 hours daily. Sometimes even more.

I walk in and he is there, I walk out he is there.

I sometimes go in the evening and he is present too.

You see he looks great, strong and is all buffed up.

But what’s the point when you need to smoke every 10 minutes to just lift heavy ?

But what’s the point if you’re not flexible in your mind and body ? All you can do is lift.

What’s the point of everything if fitness to you is just related to how you look physically and not internally ?

When I say internally, I am talking about the health of vital organs !

Our vital organs need massage and slow soft breathing followed by movements.

Lifting is great but you have to take care of other aspects.

Too such breathing, eating and gulping down all the supplements and steroids in the market that you can barely afford will lead to more complications than being healthy.

Fitness is not about just feeling good with your body but in your mind and emotions too.


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