Which Yoga Is Best During Pregnancy for Safe Delivery?

 Yoga during pregnancy each trimester: poses and benefits

One of the best ways to stay healthy is yoga. No matter what height, weight, or age you are, yoga is sure to give the perfect blood rush and the perfect way to ensure that your body stays in the movement. Originated from Hindu philosophical traditions, yoga helps in ensuring that you have mental and physical health intact. With time, there are several different yoga postures created and they help in various different methods. In this article, we will talk about yoga during pregnancy.

Yoga during pregnancy can prove to have several different benefits for the mother and the baby. There are several different types of yoga for pregnant ladies including couple’s yoga which helps in giving mental satisfaction against the hormonal rage too.


Before we look into the breakdown deeply, let us look into the benefits of yoga during pregnancy. Later on, we will discuss the different postures.

Benefits of yoga during pregnancy

  • Yoga during pregnancy helps blood flow to help you relax your mind and sleep easily. It is known to cure insomnia in many pregnant ladies.
  • The hormonal levels during pregnancy are much distorted which is why stress levels may increase. Yoga helps in reducing stress
  • Yoga is known to improve bone strength and flexibility. This is very important for women that are preparing to go into labor as they will need all the strength in the world.
  • Yoga postures help in improving the structure and eventually reduce lower back pain.
  • Yoga postures also calm down and reduce nausea and headaches provided that you do them without any distractions and correctly
  • One of the best advantages that you will find with yoga is that there is a reduced chance of preterm labor

Pose for the first trimester

In the first trimester, your body goes under major changes. The gestation and every single part of the body change rapidly. This is the reason why women tend to feel tired and very sick and ill. Hence, for the first trimester, the important poses for pregnancy include postures that help in ensuring that the blood rush is balanced. It is also important that the posture helps in reducing sickness and making the body changes more bearable.

The following are a few postures that are advisable in the first trimester:

  • The Cobra

The Cobra pose is to lie on your back in and raise the head in the sense of the cobra. It is the most beginner level of yoga and very relaxing. However, it is advisable on an empty stomach the first thing in the morning. With this posture, the stiffness that develops in the lower back reduces. Flexibility also greatly enhances with the cobra posture. With the breathing techniques, the mood and anxiety levels are also bound to lower down.

  • The Butterfly

The butterfly pose is like sitting in the crisscross position but with the soles of the feet joint like a butterfly. This posture is also a beginner level practice. This pose might not be very comfortable which is why not more than 5 minutes of this is advisable.

The butterfly helps in improving blood circulation and makes the heart beat stronger. This yoga practice also helps in relaxing and reducing levels of anxiety and fatigue.

  • The Cow Pose

The cow pose is also one of the easiest and the beginner level poses. It requires the person to be on their crawling posture like a cow and the movement of the back makes it worthwhile. Practicing it on an empty stomach will allow the person to have a more balanced approach. The posture calms down the mind and removes the stress. The spine and the neck stretch out to be more comfortable. The posture is not for more than 15 seconds for a pregnant lady.

  • The Cat Pose

The Cat pose is like the cow pose except that the back is curved. This is also a beginner level and should be done at an empty stomach. The posture is not recommendable for more than 15 seconds. This posture helps in making the digestion better and it helps in relaxing the mind. The posture is also said to remove the impure blood and it helps in relieving stress.

  • Legs up the wall pose:

The pose allows a short inversion which gives a healthy blood rush. This pose is also advisable on an empty stomach and allows the tired feet and legs to relax. The pose is also known to cure insomnia and calms nerves. This practice is not for more than 15 minutes.

Poses for the second trimester

The second trimester is probably the easiest in your pregnancy. The body has made drastic changes which are why morning sickness is most probably the lowest. The belly starts growing but not enough to ruin your outfits or restrict you from moving. The second-trimester yoga methods help in making the pregnancy relaxing and easy.

Try the following yoga during pregnancy to ease out things in your second trimester:

  • The side leg raise:

The side leg raise is a pretty relaxing and fun yoga posture. This posture is practiced by lying on one side and lifting your leg that is on top. Your arm should support your head. This posture has several benefits like it makes your hamstring muscles more relaxed. The inner thighs and the abdomen also find relieved fatigue and enhanced flexibility.

  • The warrior posture:

This posture is exactly as grand as it sounds. Stand with your feet about 40 inches apart and turn one foot outwards. Relax your shoulders and raise your hands so that they reach your shoulder levels. Bend the foot that was outwards and breathe steadily. Turn your body towards the foot that is outwards and face your head in that direction too. This posture is great to ensure that your muscles become stronger especially in your back, knees, ankles, and shoulders. It is also said to have a mental advantage to boost your self-esteem and confidence.

  • Triangular posture:

This posture is a great way to stretch and allow your muscles to gain strength. Keep your feet apart and raise your arms diagonally. Bend sideways and touch one foot keeping your arms straight. The other arm will reach high to reach the ceiling. This posture helps in making the blood circulation enhanced and removes body pain easily.

  • The side angle poses:

This posture is a variation of the triangular posture. Start in the same position. This time end one of your knees and rest your arm on it. Lift and stretch the other arm and reach out as far as you can. This posture relieves the stress of the spine and makes it stronger.

  • Standing stretch:

This posture is perhaps the easiest and the most effective way to make your arms and shoulders strong. Stand straight and raise your arms. Stretch them as much as you can. Bend your arms towards the back and reach out with one arm to your hip. Repeat on the other side too. This posture is bound to help you relieve stress in your back as well. It is said to increase oxygen supply to your brain too.

Poses for the third trimester

The last trimester is perhaps the hardest. It is almost impossible to sleep, your baby has tantrums of its own, and your body is probably aching like anything in the world. It is important to keep yourself relaxed at this time too. As the time of labor comes close, your body needs to have itself prepared for perhaps the biggest trauma of its life.

Check out a few postures that will help you in your last trimester.

  • The Bridge Pose:

The bridge pose is a great and very convenient posture of yoga. It is known to help you in strengthening your muscles, open up your hips, glute, and hamstrings. To practice this, begin on the side and then shift to your back. Directly laying on your back may be very uncomfortable and dangerous to your abdomen. Put your feet and arms frilly on the ground and slowly raise your back while breathing.

  • Warrior I:

The Warrior I pose is perfect for the third trimester. Just like the other warrior, it is a great way to improve self-esteem and confidence. Stand with your legs apart as much as you comfortably can. Then twist one foot outwards and the other inwards.

Twist your body on the side of the outward foot. Bend the foot that is facing the outside. Then take a breath and raise your arms and reach as high and you possibly can. Repeat on the other side as well. This position is known to help in making the spine stronger and it helps in opening up your chest and strengthening your legs.

  • The Corpse Pose:

A very easy and relaxing pose is the corpse pose that you may do in the third trimester. It is literally lying on the floor with your arms and legs spread like a corpse. But what is the benefit of this posture? It is perfect to give you an energy boost. This posture helps in fighting off any sickness and pain as well. The trick to getting this posture right is to breath and make physically assure that your body is relaxed.

The Child’s pose:

This resting pose is also a great way to ensure that you remain strong and relaxed. It is safe for all trimesters. Start in a crawling position and then slowly lower yourself. Reach out your arms and even open your knees if you need the room. Breathe gently as the breathing in this posture helps your body relax.

This posture is also great for labor as it helps in calming down the mother. If you have a risk of preterm labor, then avoid this posture at all costs.

The Tree posture:

Another safe and steady posture for the third trimester is the tree position. Stand straight and try to gain balance. You may do this by shifting your weight forward and backward. Now shift your weight to one foot and bring the other higher. Put your hands in a praying position and take about five breaths. Slowly come back to the neutral position.

This technique is great to enhance breathing and blood circulation. This posture is a great way to reduce back pain.

Important things to remember when doing yoga during pregnancy

Yoga during pregnancy is a great way to enjoy pregnancy. It is important to ensure that you know our body before trying out any posture and ask a professional or your ob-gyn for the best. Meanwhile, keep in mind these things and you are good to go:

  • Do what you are comfortable in:

Pregnancy yoga is all about your comfort. Make sure that whatever you do relaxes you instead of giving you more pain. Listen to your body and make sure that it knows what is safe for it.

  • Little is more:

There are hundreds of different postures available but it doesn’t mean that you have to do them all. Do fewer and shortly times’ postures and once you adapt, you may do more and take more time.

  • No distractions:

Distractions during yoga may cause serious injuries to you and your baby. Hence, when you do yoga make sure that you are in a safe and distraction-free environment. Your mind should be in it a hundred percent.

  • Do not eat:

It is highly recommendable that every yoga posture is done in an empty stomach. The best time is the first thing in the morning. However, if you are not comfortable at that time, then make sure that your last meal was at least two hours before you start exercising.

  • Hydration is your friend:

During and before yoga, it is important to stay hydrated. Make sure to have plenty of water. Additionally, make sure that you do yoga in a cool environment. Your body temperature already rises when you are pregnant; do not make it worse by doing yoga in the heat.

  • Wear proper clothing:

Restrictive clothing may restrict your movements and make it worst for you. Get your hands on the most supportive kind of bra, and the most comfortable clothes. Additionally, make sure that your clothes are breathable so that you do not overheat.


Yoga is the best form of exercise for everybody. There are several benefits to it only if they are done right. During pregnancy, you may take advantage of all those benefits but keep in mind that you can do those best with a professional trainer.

Take no risks at that time and make sure that everything that you are doing is comfortable for you. The wrong posture may bring adverse effects so make sure that you have someone to guide you through.

My gratitude to Echo for sharing their tips.


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