How Yoga Changes Your Body When You Practice Regularly?

I have been doing yoga for 5 months now. Here are the changes I observed.

1.Postural correction. I find that I can now sit upright on floor, cross legged. Earlier, I used to sit with my back bent.


2.No weight gain. I have noticed for quite a while now that I do not gain weight. I may not lose weight, but no matter what I eat, I don’t gain weight either. When I used to go to gym, whatever I ate was visible in my weight before exercise.

3.Easier digestion, less stomach problems and less appetite for dinner. I practice yoga in the evening. Now, I find my stomach is full with less food as compared to when I did not practice yoga. Also, I have no stomach problems now, and can also eat a lot when I want to.

4.Relief from pain. For me, it was back pain that was gone after 4 months maybe. I suddenly realized that I had no back pain in the morning. I also used to suffer from headache, for very long duration. Most of my body pains are gone now.

5.Periods become regular and less painful. I found that my periods arrived on the exact predicted date. Also, no PMS (which included headaches) and less cramps. Bhadrasana helps ease the cramps.

6.Stress relief. I feel completely calm and stress free now. Even during submission and exams, I do not feel the stress. Because of that, I can plan things better. I feel and think positive.

7.Improves Awareness.The most profound was awareness. For the first time in my life I was not only aware of what I could feel on the outside of my body, but it heightens the feelings inside my body. I have practiced often enough now that I can identify where i am internally holding stress and choose a posture that will expels that stress.

8.Relaxing. I also became more patient. I realized that the body knows best. It knows how to heal itself and it knows the fastest way to get from point a to point b, and what you need to learn to get there. But you have to let it happen, and at the same time guide it along the way without interfering. It sounds weird, but yogis understand.

Practicing yoga eventually increases flexibility and also increases strength. It may give different results for different individuals. So, practice yoga everyday.


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