What Is Not Yoga? The Sooner You Know The Better

Yoga is for everybody irrespective of age or shape and for people who are not perfect.

Yoga is not about standing upside down or wearing fancy leggings or expensive mat or doing it at some exotic resort.

All these fancy stuff are what westerners have been made to believe. It is a wrong notion.


Yoga is essentially union of body, mind, emotions and life energies with cosmos.

You can practice with simple comfortable dress on a simple mat and can be practiced whether at home or office or at a hotel room (if you are a regular business traveler) or wherever you stay on a vacation.

When you practice yoga regularly, you will understand that yoga makes your body and mind flexible in turn be flexible to handle your life with ease.

Yoga is all about enjoying the journey in life, not the end itself.

There are hundreds of variants in yoga poses which can be adopted based on your body conditions and can be enhanced when you become more flexible.

Yoga is a practice which you return to day in and day out, both on and off the mat. Yoga practice continues in every aspect of life.

Yoga can be done by anybody whether you are an athlete or just a teenager or a pregnant mama or middle aged or elderly people or people with heavy weight.

Yoga treats everybody equally whether you have injury or ailments or chronic pain.

You don’t have to wait for any perfect moments or shape to start your yoga.

The more you understand your body; you will start loving your body better with all the curves and edges and carry yourself with grace.

You don’t have to look pretty or worry about your fall from your pose or bother whether you can touch your toes. You just need to practice. Simple.

The more you practice yoga, the more joyful you will be, in the process you will be able to relate to everything and everybody in your life better.

If you are not feeling flexible then you must do yoga.

Yoga helps your body muscles flexible, rejuvenate your cells, keep the blood flowing smoothly, pump more oxygen to your lungs, help your heart function better and strengthen your bones.

More and more you practice yoga poses, it makes you flexible and taking challenges in life.

The deeper you go into yoga practice, the more your body and mind becomes flexible and gives you more possibilities which you have never dreamed of.

Best part of yoga is that you don’t need to compete with others. Yoga removes comparison belief system.

Yoga is all about how you can enhance your body and mind and enjoy living in the present moment.

Yoga is all about practicing and going beyond your limitations.

Yoga is all about living in the present moment and doing your best on that given moment,consciously.

When you practice consciously, your flexibility improves and you will be able to do each and every pose better.

You don’t have to get bothered whether you did yoga pose better or whether you have been flexible on that day.

With each day of practice depending upon how conscious you were on that moment, you will see progress with your pose.

Yoga is all about syncing with cosmos and bringing joyfulness in whatever actions you are putting in your life with ease.

When you do all your actions with consciousness with the practice of yoga, being joyful will become part of your life.

When you start understanding your body and mind better and enjoy who you are, you will be able to understand the language of the cosmos and give your best living in the present moment.

When your body and mind is joyful, better possibilities come into your life and you will go beyond your limitations with ease.


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