What Can You Say to Uplift Someone Mood Instantly?

How do you uplift someone’s mood?

Elon musk was bullied mercilessly in school. He was skinny and not particularly interested in sports, so that got him the wrong kind of attention from the jocks.

One time he was knocked down the stairs, the injuries were so severe that he had to be taken to hospital. He suffers mild breathing issues to this day thanks to them.

What did he do?

At age 12 he built an 8-bit video game and sold it for $500. The video game is playable today:

It doesn’t end there.

In 2008, he persisted after three unsuccessful space flight launches. Despite the massive risk, he took the fourth and succeeded.

When asked about giving up he said this:

“I don’t ever give up. I’d have to be dead or completely incapacitated”

After, the successful launch, things got even worse.

His childhood heroes, including Neil Armstrong, came out in opposition to his SpaceX program. It was tough for him. The interview left him teary eyed.

But he continued anyway. SpaceX is now stronger than ever.

Tesla and SpaceX were at one point on the verge of bankruptcy. Both looked pretty doomed. He got to the point where he had to choose between saving one or the other. Also, Elon was going through a rough divorce at the time. This is what he said:

“You have these huge doubts that your life is not working, your car is not working, you’re going through a divorce, and all of those things. I felt like a pile of shit. I didn’t think we would overcome it. I thought things were probably fucking doomed.”

He obviously hated his life at that moment.

But, he didn’t give up.

In 2017:

His net worth is over 17 billion dollars and climbing according to Forbes.

He had so many opportunities to quit, so many to give up. Another man might’ve thrown in the towel.

But Elon refused to do so. He persevered.

Don’t quit, your reward is just around the corner.


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