What Are Some Interesting Psychological Facts?

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Psychology facts about human behavior

When you want to improve your personality it is better to know certain psychology facts which other people may not be aware of.

1. The cells in your body react to everything that your mind says. Negativity brings down your immune system.

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2. Smart people underestimate their intelligence, while less intelligent people will think they’re brilliant. Knowledge is knowing you know nothing.

3. Psychologically, we tend to ignore those who adore us and pay more attention to those who ignore us.

4. People with low self-esteem tend to persecute, bully, or humiliate others.

5. Depression is the direct result of overthinking. The mind tends to create problems that don’t even exist.


6. By thinking one positive thought each morning, you will be able to psychologically trick your brain into being a happier person.

7. Getting someone to do you a favor, makes them like you more.

8. If someone is talking to you about a problem, unless they directly ask, they don’t want a solution. Rather, someone to listen.

9. When you talk to someone in their second, or non native language, you talk to their brain.  When you talk to them, in their native language and you talk to their heart.

10. Marrying your best friend decreases divorce by 70%.


11. When you approach a person or group of people, try to notice if they turn their feet’s towards you. If they do, then you’re welcome. If they don’t, well, keep moving…

12. If you get pulled over by a cop and he asks if you know how fast you were going, say “I don’t know, but you must have been going faster if you caught up to me.” This will cause him to have an existential crisis, giving you a chance to escape.

13. When you’re in a group of people and someone says something funny and everybody starts laughing, try to notice who’s looking at you while laughing. People tend to look at the person they feel closest to when they laugh.

14. If you want somebody to like you, ask them for a favor; it can be as little as be more borrowing a pen or asking for the time. They will feel that they have made an investment in you, and hence, they’ll open to you.

15. When people in love stare into each other’s eyes, their heartbeat syncs together.

16. People who frequently view TV crime shows consistently overestimate the frequency of crime in the real world.

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