What 5 Minute Daily Habit Can Change Your Life?

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What is your 5-minute daily habit that everyone should do?

Benefits of tiny habits which require 5 minutes to put into practice consistently help you to come out of your procrastination and lead to better productivity and success.

Journaling has become the top most habit to get better results out of life.

Small meditation for 5 minutes by just observing your breath can bring better awareness and right action to take.

Practice yoga or any stretching exercise as long as you want to make your body more flexible and strengthen your muscles. It keeps your body agile and gives your body necessary energy to handle any strenuous work.

Learning new language can help you to communicate with new people and develop bigger network of people to progress in life.

If you are working on a new project or want to start a tough work, the first 5 minute of your work schedule can help you to get into momentum to complete the task with ease.

Put your ideas into paper for 5 minutes which can help you get better awareness, to put right actions to get right results.

When you are worked up or angry on any issue, do not correspond or communicate with anyone at least for 5 minutes until you relax your mind. Only then you will be able to take right steps towards life.

Start the habit of reading book for 5 minute related to your studies or work or your personal growth which will lead to reading more as the days go for better personality.

Are you still struggling to get up early in the morning? Start to get up 5 minutes early everyday than the usual time and over a period of few months, you could be a early raiser for better productivity.

Clean some area of your house for 5 minutes every day, which can keep your house clean and help you to have healthy environment.

Reduce watching TV and social media every day for 5 minute. Overtime your dependency towards these media will come down, help you to come out of your procrastination and lead to better productivity.

End of each day before  sleeping in the night, reflect how well you handled your day and what are the areas you can improve, which will help you do better the next day.

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