Solution for Procrastination to Joyfulness

Are you in the grip of Procrastination

Procrastination has been the major drawback for most of us for not achieving what we are capable of doing in our life.

When we procrastinate, the time is ticking away from our life. Time is very precious commodity which we can’t get it back.

We are mere mortal and we will be buried back to earth when our time comes. Meanwhile, we have to give our best shot so that our time in this earth is worth a while.

When we procrastinate we are left with very limited time what we have to do which produces sub-standard results because of the limitations we have put on to our-self.

When we give importance to our time,the possibilities of doing things becomes limitless and our growth in our life also becomes better possibilities.

Solution to Procrastination

Simple meditation can help you to come out of procrastination.

Sit in comfortable position and align your mind and emotions by observing your breath for 5 minutes.

Then slowly start visualizing what is the project you are suppose to complete. Go through the process step by step how you would execute it.

The more intense with which you visualize your work, you will get better clarity to complete the project.

With that intensity you start your work. You will be surprised that you will be able complete your project/work faster than you have aimed for.

Even if you experience some delay in completing the work, the momentum of doing the work will take it forward to complete.

Most importantly, the thrill of completing the work will bring more energy which will translate to more joyfulness in all areas of your life.

When you are joyful, you will naturally produce better results, which in turn open up doors for you to better possibilities in life which you have never even imagined.

Don’t procrastinate. Experience the solution and be joyful in life.

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