How to Breathe Through Anxiety?

Can breathing help in anxiety?

We all squander our precious energy thinking some disaster might happen in the near future whether when we are studying or doing some projects in work or business or in our personal life.

All these anxious moments are created by the all the garbage information we have gathered from our past, expecting something drastic might happen in the future and stop living in the present moment, which will create more havoc to our inner well being.

When we focus on our inner well being everyday, our energy will help us give better clarity, which in turn will give us more possibilities, which will result in better action from our end to work on the present moment.

Focusing and working on what is needed to be done NOW will help us to be more joyful, happy and more pleasant. When we are in pleasant state of mind our productivity improves, which produces better results.

When we are pleasant within us, we also bond better with our loved ones, our friends, our office colleagues, our clients, our teachers.

When we are pleasant more people would love spend time with us.

Before we sit in comfortable position for breathing exercise or meditation, make sure  to remove all the clutter like our smart phones, TV which brings all the negative information in our life and keep it another room.

Simple breathing technique for better solution.

Before we start our breathing technique we have to keep in mind that everything is fine with us in this moment and this is the best moment to work on as all the energy around us are working only in this moment.

Once, you are sitting in comfortable position close your eyes, just focus on your breath in your nostrils, which will bring down your heavy breathing, to normal or even better. Feel the sensation happening in your heart, face muscles, stomach and better vibrations in whole body.

You can start practicing this technique for 5 minutes initially to start with and over a period of 2 to 3 months increase it 20 minutes for one sitting.

It’s better to do at least twice a day which will help you to come out of fear and kill anxiety.

When you are more at ease, your perception towards life improves which will produce better results in your life.

Breathing techniques also helps in improving your lung power, cures heart ailments,  gives more energy, bringing down your high blood pressure.

Meditation gives you better awareness in life which will help you to handle any situation without going through anxiety.

This simple meditation can be practiced anywhere, even when you are on a holiday. It helps in enjoying your holiday more joyfully and rejuvenates your life better.

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