How yoga works for you?

How yoga works for you?

Yoga aligns your body, mind, emotions and life energy to enhance your life for better possibilities.

Once everything is aligned it definitely reduces your anxiety, fear, stress, depression,diabetes, blood pressure from your system.

This in turn keeps you calm in any situation, relieves tension from your body and helps in overall well-being.

 Yoga plays a major role in strengthening your muscles with amazing flexibility.

Yoga poses has low impact to your body muscles which makes you to come out of any stressful situation faster.

When you practice yoga,it helps to enhance your ability to be more flexible and strengthening muscle joints.

In the process, your body balances much better, especially as you age, particularly for women by strengthening their muscles and bones.

When your body goes with flow with yoga practice, it strengthens your body and improves stability of hips and joints in the process.

The process reduces your lower back pain problems and you can come out of any back problems faster without any surgery or medication.

Doing yoga and meditation focuses living in the present moment by observing your breath, which enhances better clarity to your life.

Yoga overall enhances your fitness level and the best part is, you can practice it at the comfort of your home.

No fancy gym membership or commuting in congested traffic.

Another major benefit of practicing yoga is, it improves your lung capacity and makes lungs to function well, in the process clears all the respiratory problems.

Most of them are not aware that yoga can help you to lose weight faster, if you practice it every day.

Basically, yoga rekindles your metabolic system to function better in turn helps in burning your body fat faster which leads to weight loss.

When you practice yoga every day it streamlines your hormonal balance which will help in keeping your body weight in the  right proposition.

When yoga helps in aligning your body, mind and emotions it gives tremendous surge to your energy.

This helps to enhance your performance better either in office, or handling situations at home or if you are very active in sports.

Athletes, who started practicing yoga their performance has improved considerably.

Sports people have now understood the benefit of yoga, which is why top tennis players, athletes, Marathoner, NBA players are into yoga.

Even people who are into skiing after practicing yoga don’t face any injury problems.

Even when they have heavy fall,the body recovers faster because muscles are highly flexible and relaxed to the best possibility.

Students who have been practicing yoga have got benefited much better.

They are more relaxed because their focus has improved and they enjoy their life in more sensible way.

Even people who took up yoga practice at the later age of their life got benefited considerably as their movements have improved.

Old people by practicing yoga have more agility than when they were younger.

More and more older people are also getting into yoga and it keeps their mind relaxed.

 Since,they are more relaxed they get more involved with the present world life.

When old people practice yoga their ligaments are getting stronger which in turn prevents them from major injuries.

Some old people are even coming out of their early age injuries during short span of practicing yoga.

Yoga has the power in rejuvenating your body, mind, emotions and this helps in your overall well being of your life.

Yoga and meditation helps in energizing each cell of your body which helps in handling day to day pressure better and coming out of fatigue.

Practicing yoga and meditation helps in normalizing nervous systems in your body in the process diabetes, high blood pressure, high or low sugar, insomnia problems are streamlined.

 Simply put yoga and meditation helps you to enjoy your life better.

Moving and releasing all the feelings I can’t quite put into words. 

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How to get into bird of paradise yoga pose?

For this pose make sure you warm up your hamstrings and hips as well as your shoulders.

Credit: @martina_rando

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