How to Take the Pain Out of Mental Trauma Through Yoga

Are you going through tough time in your life and feeling considerably low with your mental set.
One of the best solution for your transformation to better life will be when you start practicing yoga and meditation, instead of taking psychiatric medications.


Why Yoga?

When you start practicing yoga for 30 days your body flexibility improves, you will feel at ease, your concentration improves, your anxiety and stress level will come down.
Besides your physical benefits getting improved there will be therapeutic benefits happening in you, in the process your overall health starts getting improved.
With better therapeutic benefits happening in you when when you practiced yoga, your anxiety and depression level will start coming down.

What will be the progress you can expect in 60 days after practicing yoga?

When you start practicing yoga and observed in a span of 2 month’s time you will be able to control anger and will be able to focus your energy to more productive areas.
When your anxiety symptoms starts coming down you will able to focus better in life which help you to have deep sleep in the night.
Your postmenopausal issue can be sorted out when she start practicing yoga.
Yoga can help you in big way to reduce Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD), if you put in effort in practicing regularly for a period of 60 days.
When you start practicing yoga for a period of 12 weeks your mood swings will disappear and your depression and stress level will also come down and your focus gets improved considerably.

What his HRV and it’s importance?

When you practice yoga your body, mind and emotions gets regularized, your heart rate variability (HRV) improves.
When your HRV increases your nervous system calms you down, in the process your mental trauma will come down.
When one is anxious or stressed the breathing becomes shallow and the heart starts beating fast, this is when HRV is considerably low.
But one is relaxed and focusing on deep breathing, there is more space between each heart beat and HRV gets increased.
When you learn the significance of HRV your yoga practice gets improved and you can be at ease with yourself.
When HRV is low you will go through anxiety, fear, stress, depression and their mind and emotions won’t be under control. 
When autonomic nervous systems are not streamlined it puts people out of balance with considerable mental trauma and damaging physical well being too.
When your practice with yoga and meditation becomes consistent you will be able to observe that your HRV functionality increases which will result in your body, mind and emotions getting streamlined, in the process your energy level also improves considerably.



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