Can Yoga Reverse Heart Disease?

Strike a fine balance with yoga to reduce cardiac ailments

Air Pollution has become major factors causing heart attacks especially major cities.
Earlier hypertension and cholesterol were attributed as cause of heart attacks but recently cardiologists have realized that air pollution has become major factor for heart attacks even for the people who are in their 30s.


In their findings they found that air pollution along with hypertension has become much more aggressive to cardiac problems than cholesterol deposition.
Pollution particles which are less than 2.5 micrometers will get absorbed into the blood and gets deposited into the blood vessels.
It affects the beta cells of the pancreas affecting insulin production. All these factors leads to heart attacks rapidly.
For past few years clinical trial has been going on for cardiac rehabilitation on more than 10000 patients from the age group of 18 to 80 on intense yoga care.
To their surprise they found that patients with intense yoga care were less susceptible to cardiac ailments compared to those under medication.
The major factor of rehabilitation through yoga will be cost effective, beneficial to all income group, no need for any high-cost infrastructure.
Recent presentation at American Heart Association, clinical trial was done on patients who suffered heart attack 14 days before the trial including patients who had undergone stenting and angiogram procedures.
Though the physicians were skeptical initially but when the results proved them wrong and also demonstrated the effectiveness of yoga with concrete evidence.
The quality of life also changed for better for all the patients who underwent yoga trial.
Generally, the cardiac patients are more prone to sympathetic reactions and after sessions with yoga it has helped them control on reacting to such situations by enhancing neurological functions.
The study was applied on both the genders.  Infact, women who had heart attacks have higher risk of dying earlier than men.
All these findings are nothing new to yogis who knew these benefits for thousands of years.



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