How Healthy Eating Can Change Your Life?

What can healthy eating do for you?


 I eat healthy atleast 70% of the time. Here’s what all I feel :

  1. I wake up feeling energetic and wanting to visit the loo instantly. My stomach is well prepared to get rid of the toxins smoothly first thing in the morning before I ingest anything else. People who feel constipated would know what a blessing this is.
  2. My muscles are strong and it’s easy for me to lift weights in the gym . I always have the energy to do it. I am always pumped up.
  3. My body is very flexible thanks to yoga and clean eating. Clean eating just means that you have fairly less % of fat and it’s easier for you to move and practice asanas.
  4. My menstrual cycle has always been regular and painless. My menstrual cycle is still very regular and it’s NOT AT ALL painful . All the micronutrients makes it easier for my body to get rid of the eggs every month. It’s a dream to be menstruated and not be in pain.
  5. I have never felt bloated or acidic. Like ever.
  6. My skin is fairly clear and it has some shine all over it. Like a glow that can only come from within and not externally. No amount of makeup can impart such a glow I promise.
  7. I don’t crave junk all the time. If I am hungry I will want a salad or a smoothie or dosa. Something healthy always.
  8. I can go on for weeks and months without any caffeine. I just don’t need it. I enjoy coffee and tea according to mood and never to feel awake.
  9. My bladder is super active and gets rid of all the toxins throughout the day thanks to optimum consumption of water.
  10. And last but not the least , I go to sleep very peacefully. I rest and prepare my body for another day.


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