Happiness In Your Heart-Coffee Mug

How to enrich your life! 


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Mugs are microwave safe as they don’t have any metal gliding. You can test your mug by filling it with water and then heating it for ~30 seconds. The water should be hotter than the mug. If the mug/glass is hotter than the water, do not use it for microwaving.

The mug has clever message which has been engraved beautifully.

Mug conveys inspirational message which talks about how to enrich your life with happiness.

Conveying quotes on a coffee mug needs certain creativity, at the same time it should have impact on the person who is using it regularly which the message is amazingly conveyed.

Creative message being conveyed within couple of sentences needs certain skills which this mug ably conveys.

Love or inspiring message needs to come from the heart,which this mug conveys powerfully.

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