14 Facts Everyone Should Know About Yoga and Mindfulness for Wellness

Embracing yoga and mindfulness in your life will enhance your wellness.

Healthy meals, deep sleep; spending time with nature makes yoga more fulfilling experience.

Yoga asanas-Pranayama-Meditation- go with the flow!

Wear comfortable clothes and be ready to sweat.


*Don’t practice yoga after a heavy meal. Wait for 3 hours before you start your practice.

*During illness, sprain, injuries, etc., refrain from yoga for a few days or just practice meditation. (Personally, I practice yoga everyday even if I have injuries or sprain because it helps  me to come out of these issues faster).

*Women should skip intense yoga practice during pregnancy. There are a set of pregnancy yoga poses which can be practiced during these days.

*Don’t do intense workouts at the gym after yoga.

*Don’t stress your body with yogic poses. Do what feels good.

Benefits all the way

Yoga is a boon to health and wellness. Syncing of breathing techniques, asanas, movements, meditation helps one get fit, happy and balanced. You might hear yogis exclaim how yoga balances energy, and how they feel  an increased flow of energy. It is all true. Yoga is full of benefits:

*Yogic poses build up muscle strength and flexibility by taking the support of the body for varied endurance exercises.

*Yoga corrects the body posture by bringing alignment into the body. Head over heart, heart over the pelvis.

*Smooth flow of movements helps release of energy and hormones that improve health.

*It makes way for happy feelings of contentment. Yoga takes care of emotional well-being.

*Techniques like pranayama, meditation fight anxiety and stress.

*The regular contraction and stretching of muscles disposes off toxicity, destroys free radicals and boosts immunity.

*Yoga balances hormones, builds a strong body defense system and prevents diseases.

*It builds up confidence and inner well-being.

*It opens up the body, relaxes your system and brings spiritual awakening.

Yoga is a way of life.

Roll out that mat and bless yourself with a lifetime of happiness and well-being. Take your kids along.

My gratitude to Nikhil Kapur of Atmantan Wellness Centre for his valuable suggestions.

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