Banish your chronic pain and move to better life

Banish Your Chronic Pain

Incompetent Doctors

Recently, one of my friend was suffering severe chronic pain in her neck and certain giddiness feelings for few months, without getting any proper solutions even after consulting various doctors and tests and taking medications.

Better flexibility strengthens muscles.

Better Life

Even though I was aware of what her real issue is she was not willing to take my guidance to work out a solutions even though it may take couple of months to re-align her inner systems.

Cure Chronic Illness with Yoga and Meditation

After some convincing she realized that the solutions is within her and worked on the solutions suggested by me through yoga and meditation. After a month she is back to more energetic life to focus on her business.


Cure Chronic Fatigue

This brought me to high light, how chronic ailments happen and how it can be avoided in the first place or to come out of it totally, if you are already facing problems.

Human being generally gets two types of ailments. One is infectious disease which happens through external forces like pollution, etc…

When it comes to chronic ailment our own body system creates it. You need to understand that every cell in the body works towards our better health. If that’s so, why it creates ailments? Basically, you keep creating friction within yourself through your mind, emotions on the cellular level, which creates friction in your body system.

Chronic Ailments Solutions

Since, the ailments are internal creation, it’s better to find the solutions from the intelligence generated by each cell in our body. When you know how to access that process then you don’t have to struggle with your well being.

First of all, you become open to possibility of working out internally. You need to understand that the problems are not created from external force and decide to go for all kinds of external solutions, which will only lead to foolish approach to life process and more complications to your chronic ailments.

Relieve Your Stress

Any chronic ailments like stress, hypertension, cardiac issues, asthma, diabetes, allergy, obesity, eating disorders, are always generated from our own body systems. When you are willing to listen to your innermost dimensions of your life from within through yoga and meditation which is a powerful scientific process, it regenerates each and every cell of your body to give you more energy in the process more healthier life.


🤸‍♀️Set up 8-12 up inches from the wall. Step your feet just wider than your hips and walk your feet back against the wall. Let your butt rest against the wall. Keep your butt as high as possible. Come onto tip toes lifting your heels as you send your butt up the wall. Try it imagine being a puppet being held up by a string attached to your sacrum. .

Then, plant your palms and protract your upper back, moving your shoulder blades away from the center of your spine. Take a deep inhale and as you exhale press into your palms, straighten your arms completely, engage your abs and slide your butt up the wall as you reach your legs out to the sides of the room. The more You squeeze your quads and reach through your toes the easier it will be to get your legs to do what you want them to do!

Credit: @angelakukhahnyoga

Flowing into this weekend like 💁🏼‍♀️
Love all hip stretches lately! Who’s with me?

Credit: @yogileonie

Lower body strength, upper body strength, and a big backbend: what a potent combo of elements that all come together in this sequence!
Starting in big toe pose (utthita hasta padangusthasana) at the *back* of your mat, release the outstretched leg and attempt to hover it as you reach both arms overhead 🔥
(Great ideas for regressing this: bend the floating leg’s knee, use the wall or a chair for balance support, and/or bring your hands in front of your heart instead of reaching them overhead 😀)
Sweep the floating leg back and bring your hands to the floor, walking them forward into one-legged plank pose
(Regressions: regular plank with two feet on the floor or kneeling plank 👍🏽)
Lower through a full range chaturanga (or skip it!), and then step your floating leg behind you and flip into wild thing (which is the big backbend I referenced earlier!)
Pass through one-legged plank pose and then press back to one-legged down dog
And that’s it! Try it on the other side and see how they compare to each other. And let me know what you think if you have a chance! 💙

Credit: @jenni_rawlings

Letting go of the things that no longer support the life I want to lead to create space for those that do.

This has been my why for turning up to practice over the last week. Moving meditations like this allow me to shift stagnant energy, disrupt negative patterns and create space for what’s to come.

It seems very fitting that I’m going through a period of letting go right on cue with the shift in seasons. Thanks Autumn. 🍁

Credit: @ch3rlieflow

Stop thinking so hard about every little thing, stop over analyzing. If it feels right, just go with the flow. If it feels wrong, walk away and don’t think about it anymore.

Credit: @tammyrara

This was probably the hardest video for me to put together.

Credit: @riva_g_

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