Are you aware of these mind-blowing psychological facts?

Psychology guide

Can psychology help you better understand yourself?

  1. From experience and research it’s proven that dishonest people have competency level very low in whatever task they do.
  2. Self-esteem of men goes down when their partner does well and succeeds. Surprisingly women Self-esteem is not affected by their partner’s performance.
  1. When you are happy and pleasant you transmit positive vibes to others. People who have negative approach to life develop antisocial behavior.

4. Appreciate children for their actions. Don’t label them smart as it will lead them to anxiety and depression in later ages to fulfill your expectation or at school to get better rank. Just nurture them to do well.

5. Always strive better every day with your actions to give better impression whether it’s for a date or job interview.

6. Leaders who are moderately charismatic are the ones who effectively handle their operational activities in their day to day life.

7. Parents who have high expectations from their children for academics would damage their children’s growth.

8. When you understand yourselves better, it will lead to better awareness which in turn will guide you to take better actions for that given moment to develop amazing interpersonal relationships.

9. When you are pleasant, your energy goes up which leads to better creativity and completing any task,easily.

10. 83% of men prefer women with casual and natural hairstyles than those who blindly follow the trends.

11. People who pay attention to their actions have better observations power, will address core of the problems and go for solutions.

12. People who keep themselves busy with some work or other are always happy than people who waste their time watching Netflix or soap operas in front of TV or simply not doing any work.

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