17 Effective Remedies of Ginger-The Powerful Herb

Benefits of ginger

Amazing benefits of ginger which you are not aware!

Ginger is of two types: wet and dry.

Dry ginger is oily,unctuous and hence tolerable for longer time.

Dry ginger loses the moisture and becomes more concentrated.

Hence it is hotter than wet ginger.

Generally, the self life of dry ginger is one year.

The hotness of dry ginger is limited for a short period of time.

This is because the fire in it is dry and due to the absence of oiliness.

Hence, it acts locally on the stomach fire,while wet ginger is more effective on the intestines.

While wet ginger can cause diarrhoea and is more useful in treating constipation.

In case of skin disorders, anemia, bleeding disorders,non-healing wounds, fever and while having burning sensation, fresh ginger should be avoided.


A bit of cardamom is usually added to tea made with fresh ginger.

This helps avoiding throat irritation and dryness of soft palate, especially in places of high humidity.

Home Remedies which are effective.

There are innumerable home remedies with ginger, the wonder herb.

From a range of conditions from excess sleepiness to inflammation, asthma, hiccups and toothache.

Some of the popular remedies are given below:

1.To get rid of excess sleepiness remedy

A teaspoon each of fresh ginger juice, fresh lemon juice and honey, mixed well is the best remedy to become energetic. 

It also helps to get rid of excess sleepiness, indigestion, vomiting, nausea, and headache.

It is also a good remedy to relieve hangover.

2.Indigestion issue remedy

In indigestion, a decoction of dry ginger and rock salt is very helpful in tackling undigested material.

3.Jaundice fever remedy

In jaundice, taking a teaspoon of dried ginger powder with some jaggery twice a day acts as liver tonic.

4.Diarrhoea remedy

In diarrhoea, boiling dry ginger and khus khus roots, is very effective.

Khus Khus roots generally known as Chrysopogon zizanioides, or commonly known as vetiver, is a perennial bunchgrass of the family.

In the United States the cultivar is named ‘Sunshine,’ after the town of Sunshine.

Add the combination in a glass of water and take it  thrice a day to arrest loose motions.

5.Sinusitis remedy

Two to three drops of ginger juice is instilled into nose to create irritation and expel sputum so as to relieve sinusitis.

Some people may find this intolerable, hence be cautious.

6.Relieve joint stiffness remedy

Ginger powder mixed with til or sesame oil or any pain relieving oil, is applied as paste to relieve joint stiffness and improve blood circulation.

joint pain remedy

7.Abdominal colic pain remedy

To treat bloating and abdominal colic pain, sour buttermilk mixed with a pinch of rock salt and 1 or 2 grams of ginger powder at night,before food is useful.

Remedy for abdominal pain

8.Common cold,fever remedy

During cold or asthmatic attacks, crushed ginger is added to boiling water and tea is prepared with this water.

Drinking this tea decreases inflammation and relieves congestion and body ache.

In asthmatic conditions, a few garlic cloves maybe added to the above tea.

Remedy for cold

9.Relieve asthma remedy

Ginger maybe mixed with mustard oil and applied externally on the chest to relieve congestion for asthma patients.

10.Earaches remedy

In case of earaches, a few drops of warm ginger is instilled in the ear to relieve pain and clear  the infected material.

11.Piles remedy

In piles,make small balls of dry ginger and jaggery and eat a ball twice a day to reduce the masses and allow free passage of stool.

12.Arthritic remedy

Cure for arthritis

For arthritic joints, a decoction of dry ginger, caster roots should be taken every morning for lubrication of joints and relief from pain.

13.Blood in urine remedy

To treat blood in urine, boil a small piece of dry ginger in a glass of milk and drink twice a day to arrest bleeding.

14.Hiccups remedy

For hiccups, mix jaggery and ginger juice and instill a few drops in the nostrils to stop hiccups.

15.Toothache remedy

To treat toothache, apply a paste of dry ginger on the outside of the cheek at the point of pain.

16.Swelling issue remedy

To treat swelling following any sting,dry ginger paste mixed with yogurt is an effective topical application.

17.Heart conditions remedy

Remedy for heartache

In heart conditions, taking a decoction of dry ginger often in the morning is helpful.

The above is just sample of multifarious use of this miracle herb.

There are several Ayurveda medicines prepared with ginger.

One cannot but wonder at the bounty of nature for this versatile herb.

Many thanks to Dr. Janardhana V. Hebbar for sharing these remedies.

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