You Would Love This Vegan Mango Coconut Cheese Cake

Do you need this tropical cheese cake?

I upgraded my vegan mango coconut cheesecake and made it even more tropical!

Ingredients 👇
90gr (1 cup/ 3.17oz) oats
50gr (1/3 cup/ 1.76oz) almonds
25gr (1/4 cup/ 0.88oz) coconut flakes
20gr (4tsp/ 0.7oz) plant based milk
Lime zest
45gr (1/5 cup/ 1.6oz) +1tsp coconut oil

Chia coconut layer:
200gr (7.06oz)coconut cream
20gr (2tbsp/ 0.7oz) chia seeds
335gr (1 1/3cup+2tsp/ 11.8oz) coconut yogurt
60gr (5tbsp/ 2.11oz) sweetener/sugar
2.5gr (1 1/4tsp/ 0.088oz) agar agar

Mango pineapple mousse
300gr (1 1/3cup/ 10.6oz) vegan cream cheese or – drained yogurt.
5.5gr (2 3/4tsp/ 0.19oz) agar agar
0.9gr (1/3tsp/ 0.032oz) Xanthan gum*
170gr (6 oz) mango (fresh or frozen)
130gr (4.6oz/ 4.6oz) pineapple
120gr (3/5 cup/ 4.23oz) powdered sweetener of choice
180gr (6.35oz) coconut cream (leave canned full fat coconut milk in the fridge overnight and then scoop thick cream from the top)
Lime juice of 1 lime

💚Don’t let chia layer to set completely before pouring mango pineapple layer, otherwise, layers won’t merge.
💚If you don’t have Xanthan gum you can use 6.5-7gr of agar.

Video recipe credit: @spicykriss

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