Yoga for flat abs and core muscle strength

Yoga for flat abs and core muscle strength.

Recently, one of my friend at the gym asked me how I have been maintaining flat abs(sometimes six abs shows up) for so many years, even though I don’t do any ab workouts at the gym.

I have been practicing yoga for more than 15 years which has helped me to have this flat abs plus over come ulcer and other nagging ailments which was crippling my progress.


Until, my friend asked me, I was wondering why I didn’t dig deep into how I got benefited in having rock hard abs and strengthen core muscles through yoga.

This made me to delve deeper into how yoga has helped me and millions of other people to have stronger core muscles and see how it can benefit you.

Some of the facts gave more insights which I was not aware of in spite of practicing yoga for more than 15 years.

Yoga focuses on breath which is the fundamental to human well being before focusing on other areas of human body.

Once we give importance to our breath our life becomes more beneficial.

Here is where the Pranayama technique plays a big role. Your stress level is brought down considerably once you apply the technique.

Pranayama helps in calming down your body and mind which results in better oxygen supply to your lungs which in turn passes on to your whole body and relaxes the muscles.

The more you practice Pranayama and as your body and mind relaxes your focus improves and gives better clarity on your mind.

Although the process might be slow and gradual, Pranayama yoga can help you lose weight. Recent studies have provided evidence of the dissipation of fat cells through the breath and that deeper, longer controlled breaths facilitate this process.

Since, the energy level goes up when you practice Pranayama, the body balances itself and understands the benefits of right nourishment to the body.

When your lungs functions to the best of it’s capability it brings more stability to the body.

When your body gets more rejuvenated and the mind relaxes better, your digestive system gets more regularized and burns the fats faster.

The video to practice Pranayama  provided down below:

How yoga poses strengthens your core muscles and gives you a rock hard abs

Health benefits of Vrikshasana or Tree pose

  • Helps improve body balance

  • Gives your body the optimum posture

  • Strengthen your legs, thighs, spine, shoulders, and arms

  • Tones your arm and leg muscles

  • Grants stability of mind and body

  • Can strengthen ligaments in your ankles and feet

  • Best pose for posture related complaints

  • Brings you to a rejuvenated and invigorated state

  • Greatly improves concentration

  • Known to reduce risks of sciatica

  • Tones the abdominal muscles

Video to do Vrikshasana

Vinyasa Flow

The main benefits of Vinyasa flow in yoga is strengthening muscles, great flexibility, relieves stress which in turn helps in better functioning of cardio vascular systems.

A detailed video for you to do Vinyasa and reap the benefits.

Health benefits of Navasana/boat pose

  • It strengthens your core abdominal muscles

  • It strengthens your hip flexors, iliopsoas, and quadriceps

  • It strengthens the adductor muscles of the inner thighs

  • It strengthens your spinal muscles, specifically erector spine, quadratus lumborum, lower trapezius, transversospinalis (the small network of muscles that connect each individual vertebra)

  • It helps to prevent back problems and also to rectify existing long-term imbalances

  • It aligns the spinal column and tones and strengthens the buttocks, thighs and legs

  • It cleanses your kidneys and facilitates fresh blood supply, thus ridding your body of toxins.

  • It greatly improves concentration and enervates numbness in your mind

  • It produces prana flow throughout your body

  • It builds willpower, determination, and self-control

  • It seals your energy field and prevents prana from leaking out

Video link to Navasana

Plank yoga Pose tones all of the core muscles of the body, including the abdomen, chest, and low back. It strengthens the arms, wrists, and shoulders, and is often used to prepare the body for more challenging arm balances. Plank also strengthens the muscles surrounding the spine, which improves posture.

Video link to plank pose

Side plank pose which people are not aware of the major benefits.

Lower back pain often comes from lack of endurance in the core muscles. Out of all the plank options, the side plank is most often used to check endurance. Ideally you can hold the side plank position for at least 60 seconds. If not then it is time to work harder at it.

Along with the obliques this exercise works the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and both adductors and abductors. By keeping all of these muscles strengthened and toned the spine is supported and better protected from injury.

Side planks will not only help keep your midsection looking nice and trim but they can also help prevent or treat back pain. Those reasons alone are why you should be doing this exercise at least twice a week which will result in a healthier and happier life.

Video link to do side plank pose the right way.

Let’s give some twist to pose for more benefits.

Benefits of Seated Spinal Twist include:

  • Improves digestion and the processing of the liver and kidneys.

  • Relieves backaches, sciatica, and menstrual discomfort.

  • Stretches the upper body.


The Health Benefits of Utthita Trikonasana (Extended Triangle Pose):

  • Strengthens your legs, feet and ankles

  • Stretches your hips, groins, hamstrings, calves and spine

  • Opens your chest and shoulders

  • Strengthens your back, neck and abdomen

  • Stimulates your abdominal organs, aiding in digestion

  • Therapeutic for stress, anxiety, infertility, flat feet, neck pain, osteoporosis, sciatica and symptoms of menopause

  • Relieves backache, especially during pregnancy

The video link to do the asana:

Parivrtta Anjaneyasana also known as Warrior Lunge Twist

Plays an important role in promoting detoxification by helping to clear out carbon dioxide from the lung tissue and stimulates the digestive organs. Warrior lunge twist also strengthens the quadriceps and gluteus muscles and develops stamina and endurance in your thighs while stretching the pose and hips.

Video link to do the pose:

You can use a twisted version of boat pose with light dumbbell for more effective abdominal exercise

Watch the video;

Hope, it opened up more possibilities for you to strengthen your core muscles.


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