Why Wellness In The Workplace Important?

Considerable time of work hours are lost every year thanks to stress at work, curtailing your productivity capabilities and diminishing your career growth.

Some employers have come up with solutions by giving wellness programs either by having yoga and meditations areas or gyms within their premises.


Unfortunately for many workplaces has become living hell by creating mental trauma.

Powerful meditation techniques can not only enhance your performance and you can easily do at your office desk for 15 to 20 minutes.

The meditation can help you to focus better by bringing down the anxiety and stress level, reducing blood pressure in a month’s time.

Building team spirit helps in better vibes, happiness, bring down stress which will lead to better productivity.

To build the team spirit the person who is leading the team should be happy first. The meditation technique will help everybody in the team and company.

When you are under stress or anger any decision you take will lead compulsive reaction which will be lead to more complicated results.

Best way would be just close your eyes for couple of minutes and observe your breath.

When you observe your breath you will know how your body is reacting and bring more awareness into your mind.

When more awareness comes into your mind, you will be able to take action consciously which will lead to productivity action and more importantly bringing down your stress.

All the stupid action you have taken in your life would have happened when you were stressed or in anger.

Stretching the right way can help in relaxing your muscles and giving better flexibility.

Practicing chair yoga on and off from your work desk will help your spine, hip, shoulder and leg muscles to have better strength and flexibility.

Doing chair yoga besides giving better mobility to your body can also help in relaxing your mind.

When you practice more of yoga and meditation, you start relating to things happening around you with more compassion which impacts your mind positively.

When you are compassionate more people will relate to you better which will result in more positive vibes.

As and when you get a chance to observe your breath with a minute meditation, it can elevate your awareness with you which will lead to more conscious actions.

Do at least one minute of meditation which can enhance your perception, will give you clarity and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Besides meditation you can visualize the work to be done before starting the work, which will help you to focus, get better and faster results.

You can definitely do couple of minutes of meditation every hour or two to produce best productivity. In fact you will be surprised about the results you are getting.

You can do it when you are sipping the tea just enjoying the sensation going through your body and to relax your mind.

In fact, doing chair yoga from your desktop can help you to realize the stress your muscles are going through and how to relax it instead of damaging your health further.

Yoga and meditation can definitely bring you a better balance in life and work towards enhancing your wellness and more joyfulness.



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