Why Unwritten Rules of Life In Interaction Important?

Life's unwritten rules

What are unwritten social rules which everyone should be aware of?

  1. Never kiss a baby that’s not yours.
  2. When you call someone two times in a row and they’re not picking up, stop blowing their phone. Respect yourself.
  3. Don’t talk much after meeting new people, don’t get comfortable at the first meeting. It’s uncool when you meet someone and they act like you’ve been buddies for a long time.
  4. When someone walks into the room and you have your earphones on, stick one out in case they want to have a conversation.
  5. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.
  6. Give your roommate a heads up if you are bringing someone home with you.
  7. Give the waiter the same respect you would give a CEO.
  8. Make sure not to invade someone else’s personal space. Keep a few feet away while talking.
  9. Stop being late every time, it’s annoying.
  10. Call or give someone a heads up if you aren’t going to make it.
  11. When invited to a party or event by a friend, it’s rude to bring a plus one without informing them.
  12. Wash your hands and flush the toilet after finishing your business.
  13. If you puke on someone’s car or house, make sure you get it cleaned. Saying sorry won’t clean it.
  14. Mind your own business unless anything involves you directly — just stay out of it.
  15. Don’t give kids you are not related to sweets or other small gifts — people will start confusing your motives.
  16. Go to the back of the queue and don’t try to get sneaky to be served first.
  17. When eating out with friends, talk after you’ve finished swallowing your food.
  18. When contributing to buy food or drinks with friends, and you don’t have money, ask one of them to loan you so that you can contribute.
  19. When you are invited to someone’s house and they have already made food unless you had told them you would come earlier, don’t accept the food. You might be ruining their plans.
  20. Be courteous; say sorry when you sneeze.
  21. Stop bragging in front of your unemployed friends and stay humble.
  22. When visiting someone’s house, carry something to eat or make food even if it’s sugar or milk for tea.
  23. Stop telling everyone about your mom or SO. It’s okay, we know you love them, but can we talk about something else?
  24. Don’t be the loudest in a crowd. Weigh the pitch in everyone’s tone and keep it around there.
  25. Cover your mouth when you yawn.
  26. Don’t kiss someone if you have bad breath.
  27. Don’t touch a pregnant woman’s belly.
  28. Always try to be ten minutes early to every appointment or date. If you are going to be late, always let the person know, and ahead of time if possible.


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