What Are The Advantages of Yoga and Meditation In Modern Life?

Creates Awareness

Yoga aligns the body, mind, emotions and life energy. With certain meditation activities it increases awareness in your life, which will help in better focus, more energy which in turn will help in better productivity.

After seeing these benefits most of the companies are adopting to implement yoga programs which will help with their staff for better engagement and productivity. Lots of companies especially in USA are implementing it.

Silence the mind for better focus

Yoga has been scientifically proven to sync your body, mind, emotions to ease our life. Indians has known this science for more than ten thousand years even though they have lost this process for past 1000 years.


Mind and emotional benefits are a major concerned in the present day stress oriented life, which yoga helps in removing the negative energy by relaxing the nervous system when you focus in your yoga poses. This in turn will help you in bringing down anxiety and depression.

Ease out stress

Yoga practice focuses more on breathing and postures which streamlines and relaxes your mind from your daily grind.

When you start focusing on breathing it helps you to focus on what needs to be done at the present moment by keeping calm with the situation.

Because you are correcting your breathing and posture regularly, you will be able to come out of any tense situation faster with ease. This will work in all areas of your life.

Stress will ease out of your life the more you practice yoga and meditation regularly.

Fat burner

Not many are aware that yoga can burn your fat faster as all parts of the body are worked out which helps in streamlining your digestive system and making your blood flow to all cells of your body.

Yoga practice also helps in strengthening your muscles by rejuvenating it especially when you are more relaxed.

Since, you become more aware of your body, you tend to eat right diet knowing what is right for your body.

Enhancing you to be a better person

When you keep practicing yoga and meditation it dissolves your internal friction. This will help in removing the conflict with whatever you are handling because you have developed into more compassionate person.

Since, you are working on life process through yoga your actions comes out with better clarity to produce better results, irrespective of your life situations. When you touch this dimension you evolve into a better human being.

Healthy way to life

Yoga proved time and again that it can solve more chronic ailments by improving your immune system, streamlining your diabetic issues, heart ailments, arthritis, high blood pressure.

As the stress are getting relieved out of your systems thanks to yoga practice by way of better blood flow, better digestion, most of the health issues are resolved.

Flexibility in your life

The best benefit of yoga is your body becomes more flexible irrespective at what age you practice because of strengthening of muscles and stretching it. The more you practice, your spine becomes more stronger which helps grounded to a life better.

Network with Universe

By practicing yoga and meditation you are connecting with Universe. When humanity is blossoming in you, happiness comes into your life with ease. This will help you to engage with every human being in a compassionate way in this planet.

As yoga and meditation is spreading in all parts of the globe there will be more yogis whom you can relate to which will result in more happiness in your life.


Sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have or see the beauty until much later.
3 years ago I was out by the lake doing yoga and captured this view but never used the content online probably because I was so far away… and back then, content was more about showing up close and FIT.
But Snapchat brought this up in my memories yesterday and I really loved the view of the green water, rock, sky, and then the peace of this song and the flow. This brings a feeling of calm and I know if I posted it years ago, it would not have felt the same as I would have cropped out all of the scenery.
Credit: @christinedwyer

Just keep flowing, flowing, flowing. ✨🐠🦋
Wait until the end to see the cutest view I had for my practice today. 😍 Also, I feel like a plant reaching towards the sun so I can feel it on my skin hehe. Have a beautiful day lovies. ✨🤍

Credit: @raincloudbby

As requested 🙏🏼 a normal pace video of the arm balance with lotus👣 that I recently learned. Also a 🎶 song that would even make a tortoise move!!😅💃🏽🕺🏼 Give it a go! 😘

Credit: @marianne_oneill

I am the happiest when I can move on my mat, my holy place, my second home.

Credit: @alpingirls

This was probably the hardest video for me to put together.

Credit: @riva_g_

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