What Are Scientifically Proven Facts About Human Behavior?

Psychological facts

What are facts about human behavior?

  1. Most attractive people are those who smile or laugh often.
  2. Women would like to interact with their partners face to face. That’s how they feel connected and happier.
  3. There are more than 7.5 billion people in the planet, now. Unfortunately, more people feel lonely now a day than 20 years back thanks to wrong life style, they are not able to connect with others.

4. Women mostly react based on their emotions than men.

5. Friends have better bondage when they have more beautiful memories.

6. Couple who spend more with nature less likely to divorce according to research.

7. Cuddling or sleeping next to someone you love will relieve your stress and help you sleep better.

8. According to survey men waste their time going shopping with their wife or girl friends, which leads to more friction in their relationship. Avoid these circumstances for better relationship.

9. Children who see their parents sharing responsibilities of cleaning, washing and cooking lead more responsible life when they grow up.

10. Moving forward in life everyday even if its small steps will motivate you to take bigger strides later.

11. When you spent time on thinking, you will waste more than 86% of your time everyday and miss out on tasks you want to focus on to move forward in life according to research.

12. Having one meaningful friend connection is more important than 2000 friend connections n social media.

13. When a person is more organized, he will be able complete any given task faster.

14. When you exercise regularly, feel good hormones happens within you which helps you relate with others better and feel more joyful.

15. Being with happier people helps you to be happy too.

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