The Fastest Way To Increase Your Health and Happiness

I have been into yoga and meditation practice for more than 16 years now, which has helped me to go beyond my limitations in all aspects of life.

Though I have been working out at the gym for more than 20 years before that, it’s only after I started practicing yoga and meditation, my gym workout also improved considerably.

Few of my friends who have known me for than 25 years where able see the difference in my development both physically and mentally for better, when I started practicing yoga and meditation.

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Yoga helps in aligning body and mind better in a very subtle way which prepares you to go beyond physical dimension, to practice meditation.


Meditation helps you to go beyond your physicality and relate to the cosmos better for better well-being.

Only when I started practicing yoga and meditation, I was able to relate, why it’s important to distant the body and mind to get better clarity in life.

When you align your body, mind and emotions better, whatever stress we have created within us, gets reduced, sometimes totally eradicated.

Clarity in life gives better perception towards life which clears all the anxiety, fear which helps in relieving stress from our system.

One of the major benefit, I was able to feel after couple of months of practice of yoga and meditation is great amount of flexibility in my muscles.

As most of our works in our life are desk bound, our muscles starts getting weaker as years go by and various chronic ailments cripples our life.

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Since, yoga pose involves considerable amount of stretches it enhances your mobility, strengthens your muscles and bones to give tremendous boost to carry our day to day life, with ease.

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Even top sports athletes are into yoga and meditation, knowing the benefit of flexibility, which will help them to focus and perform better and most important help them to be injury free.

Whenever I get a mental block at work, I just close my eyes for couple of minutes or 5 minutes to relax my mind which brings better clarity to move forward.

When I closely observed about myself, I was more relaxed and felt pleasant after practicing yoga and meditation, which gave considerable boost to my energy to execute any challenging assignments.

Meditation enhances your mind and emotions to give considerable energy, which translates to better well-being and better productivity.

Since, yoga pose involves considerable amount of stretches it enhances your mobility, strengthens your muscles and bones to give tremendous boost to carry our day to day life, with ease.

After few months, I was aware what kind of food is needed to keep me healthy and energetic.

My choice of food became more healthy which lead to being more healthy and keeping my weight under control.

My lifestyle changed for better, as I started practicing yoga and meditation, as most of my stress level came down, eating healthy food and having deep sleep.

Even though I slept less, when I woke up in the morning, I was feeling more energetic to carry more business work for longer hours without feeling fatigue.

Most of my friends feel that I am getting younger as the years go by, which I feel because the stress related issues as vanished from my body and mind.

When stress gets relieved from our system, cellular rejuvenation starts taking place within our body and mind which improves in our well-being.

When we have more energy, we are willing to take more challenges in our life and most importantly more physical activity to lengthen our life by being healthy.

Yoga and meditation is thousands of year’s science, which can enhance all areas of your life, by keeping your body, mind, healthy and stress free.


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