The Best Ways To Be Like-Able Person

Personality development

How can I be more like-able instantly?

  1. People always prefer who talks straight without beating around the bush.
  2. Only when you are happy, people would love to be around you.

3. Always work on getting better every day in whatever you are doing, which will attract right people.

4. When you don’t know something, happily admit that you don’t know. This will help you to seek more knowledge in that subject.

5. Listening is the best qualities for people to like you because you make them special.

6. Compliment people even for their little actions or what they say, which will help them to relate to you better.

7. Communicate with positive emotions when you are with others which will make them happy.

8. Subtle touch when you are communicating with somebody on their arms or hands will make major impact on others to like you.

9. Smile at anybody you come across. Smile is most powerful, at the same time most underutilized tool while making eye contact with anybody.

10. Don’t judge anybody. Look into them and communicate the way they are.

11. When you are happy, you will always communicate with sense of humor which will attract more people around you.

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