Shocking Mistakes Killing Your Joy When You Compare

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Why is comparison the thief of joy?

When you compare, you either feel superior or inferior! This is fairly simple.

But did you ever wonder why? Probably not. Is it really human nature?

We compare everything. And this makes the mind mediocre.

My child is not as smart as another….inferior!

I am more successful than others…superior!

My body isn’t as nice as those I see on social media….inferior! On and on it goes.

When you compare, you are preventing yourself from looking at ‘what is’.

What is actually happening. What you really are.

This is all a part of self knowledge. Knowing your true self.

Can you do anything about it? Can this issue be solved with effort? Not!

You may understand it intellectually or verbally. But you probably don’t really get it.

When you get it with your whole being, you will have a perception, which is beyond thought.

A perception is a complete awareness & comprehension of something.

The comparison problem will dissolve itself naturally….with no effort.

Think about this next time you find yourself comparing. Sit quietly for a minute or two and meditate on it.

The mind is capable of extraordinary perceptions if you give it space…..which is silence. 


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