Quick Way To Better Flexibility With Yoga

Can You Get More Flexible By Doing Yoga

I go through the routine extremely slow and at snail pace.

I was interested in yoga in my early 20s but took up running instead. I need something fast and in motion to let the demons out to play.

How can I increase my flexibility by practicing yoga?

When I first step foot in a proper yoga studio, intimidation was my middle name. Luckily my yoga teacher was a soft spoken lady who mustered a lot of patience just to get me in the right asanas.

Remember; I am a runner. Have been one for years when I started practicing yoga. Rigid is also my middle name.

Yoga flexibility before and after pictures

After completing 8 weeks of beginner’s yoga, I went from this:

Notice how stiff I looked here


Being able to put my head in inverted position(s) without too much fear


Positively able to stretch my legs all the way over my head


Being comfortable going upside down this way.

Yoga for flexibility and balance

Now you may be intimidated; after all the myth about yoga being flowy, airy and soft movements are pretty much out there.

But this is your core talking to you.

This is your head on the floor wanting to know what’s happening with your life now. This is you upside down.

Yoga poses for flexibility and strength

It took me half a year to be able to execute all these asanas and more months to be comfortable doing this. Nowadays, I get a bit crazy in my head, I turn myself upside down.

Yoga for stretching and flexibility

I stretch my body to the point it actually agrees, “yes, this feels good”.

But dont be afraid yet. The process is the one you gotta enjoy before you get to your destination(s).

Or whatever you aim for.

Enjoy the whole thing before it ended. Because by the time you get there, you’ll miss the process of getting there.

Namaste. Thank you for being here.

My gratitude to Ms.Nuralia Mazlan for sharing her experience of practicing yoga.

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