Quick and Easy to Make Vegan Pizza Pocket

Delicious vegan recipe

Super quick and easy. To make it completely oil free you can omit the oil from the dough, it just gives it extra elasticity but without will be just as good too. And also skip the melted butter step at the end.
*You can get creative as for what you use as filling.

*300g of flour
*1/2 tsp of salt
*1/2 tsp of baking powder
*1 cup of unsweetened plain vegan yogurt of choice
*3 tbsp of olive oil

Filling (per 1 piece):
*1 tsp of tomato sauce of choice
*1 tsp vegan cheese of choice
*a pinch of oregano
*1 tbsp of vegan butter for the finishing coat

1. Mix together all of the ingredients for the dough and knead smooth dough
2. Cut the dough in 6 even pieces
3. Roll out each piece in thin round shape
4. On one half of the dough place the filling, cover with other half. Cut the edges if you wish to make it even shape. And push close the edges with a fork
5. Heat a non stick pan till very hot and lower the flame. Cook covered for about 3-4mins per side on low flame.
6. When you’re done cooking, place all of them back in the pan that’s still hot (turn the flame off) and brush with a small piece of vegan butter.

Video credit: @veganfoodiecooks

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